Oh hey there. Remember us? How many years has it been since we blogged? GEEZ GUYS. GEEZ. Well, I promise we have a good excuse. Yep. We had a kid. A cute one too…or at least we think so. So here I am, coming out of the initial baby phase and ready to hit the blogging world again. Because me may have had a babe and stopped blogging but we definitely didn’t stop shooting so we have LOTS to share. Today I’m sharing with you the wedding of Jess and Alex that we shot on an island just outside of Seattle. We LOVE any wedding in the PNW (we even don’t charge travel fees to shoot there) so of course we felt right in our element at this wedding. So sit back, pour yourself a glass of bourbon, or better, hot wassail (I mean it is the holidays duh) and enjoy our much MUCH delayed but full of love blogpost. xoxox

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  1. good to see that you are back and posting. congratulations on the baby!

    // jessie