It’s no secret that Rico and I have a love affair with the Pacific Northwest. We take every chance we can get to shoot there and even offer discounted rates for shoots in Seattle, Portland, and surrounding areas. Being there, for us, is like breathing again. This wedding isn’t just special because of where it took place though (although that was pretty epic) but it really was about what it always is, good people, the best people. What makes or a breaks a wedding for us are the people. So when we met Barb and Andreas we knew immediately it was going to be a great wedding. We spent the day in Snoqaulamie pass, shooting in forests and on mountains, throwing frisbees and drinking wine out of plastic cups….it couldn’t have been more perfect. This my friends, this is it, so good. You’ll feel the same way after seeing these pics. So enjoy, oh and email us if you’re in the PNW and are getting married, we want to be there! xoxox

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Oh happy day (as my grandma used to say) we have a blog post for ya’ll today. We are currently in NOLA, just about to head out after spending the last 5 days here shooting, roaming, and eating…lots of eating. We were lucky enough to come to this amazing city for the wedding of Ted and Courtney. These two babes found us on instagram, which always makes us happy (you can find us there at @rachelcast and @ricocast btw), and we didn’t meet them until we arrived last week to New Orleans. When we met them though, instant…instantly head over heals in love with them. Yep. They’re great….AND they had a parade at their wedding. Soooooo, since we haven’t blogged in a while and we loved this wedding, these two, this city, SO MUCH we decided to edit a quick few and blog before leaving NOLA.  Fueled by beignets, tropical cocktails, and lots of fried pickles we busted this out and it was well worth it. You’ll see why, just take a look below. Courtney and Ted, seriously? You’re two of the good ones, we adore you and hope you’re having the best time ever in Dubai.

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well, I’m at somewhat of a loss for words right now. These two, lovers, friends, babes, some of the best people I know. I think this is one of those times when we let the pictures do the talking, because words cannot describe how much these two mean to us. Such an honor being there at their wedding, shooting their rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and then portraits in one of the most amazing places on earth, Big Sur. It was heaven, wedding photographer, friend, community, emotional…heaven. Mary and JP, we love you. We cannont wait to be there for more of your moments, we really can’t. hope you enjoy these as much as we do. muah! (and amazing props to Jesi Haack Design for her styling and Cana Productions for their wedding film. xoxo)

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