Ok well, how about a blog post yeah? Well shit, I sure do think it’s about time. And what better way to get back into blogging then with these two lovers. Oh Mary and JP, where do I start? These two mean the world to me, Mary a fellow photographer and good friend we’ve known for several years, JP a killer DJ and also good friend. I remember wishing you two would get together, now here you are. You’ve overcome a lot through your path to each other and it’s just…well…beautiful. You two are the real deal and I am just DYING to share your wedding images here, but for now, just a little peak into the Joshua Tree engagement session. I’d be lying if I said these images didn’t make my heart explode every time I look at them. mmmm hmmmmm

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Oh my goodness gracious, we’reeeeeee baaaaack! Yep, it’s been AGES since the last blog because we have been NUTS over here. So here we are, back in action and ready to share so much of all the amazingness we’ve been shooting lately. Today we’re sharing Les and Lauren’s wedding at the Ace Hotel. Man, it was HOT HOT HOT but these two made it all worth it. Love them, loved their wedding, now just take a look at these pics and I know you’ll love them too. yep, so much. muah!

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Monday! And I have a few engagement sessions to share with you today…oh yeah. With all our crazy traveling we haven’t had time to share many engagement sessions so we thought we’d give you a hefty dose of engagement session goodness today. These are three sessions, the first in downtown LA, the second in NYC, and the third was shot in Fresno (hello almond tree amazingness). Hope you enjoy these even half as much as we did shooting them, because seriously, the best. Love you all and looking forward to all your weddings this year! xoxox

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