So last week I started by saying how tired I am, seems I’ve found myself in exactly the same place. sheesh, what’s my deal yo? Too much fun I guess…this last week and weekend were quite packed with some pretty amazing items. First off we had good friends Bryan and Mae visiting (which is always good time requiring numerous margaritas and delicious vegan dinners, and MUCH pressure to move to SD…), then there was The Cream Event in LA on Thursday which was freaking awesome (pics and details to come at a later date), then we had some family in town and had a nice visit with them, then a sweet engagement session yesterday, followed by a dinner with some of our besties (siracha marinated tofu tacos were so effing good they demand a mention….mmmmmmm). So here we are, Monday morning…ready for some engagement pic rad-ness? I thought so.

Today we’re sharing Josh and Jenna’s engagement session with you. We met these two cuties through some of our closest friends (hi Allison & James!)…Jenna is Allison’s sister, and I will admit, I’ve had a crush on miss Jenna for quite a long while. So when she and her hot stuff fiance Josh contacted us about shooting their wedding, I was QUITE excited. They have good style, are suuuuuper cute, and are just a TON of fun. So we spent some time at our house, paid a little visit to a nearby jetty, and then had some margaritas. It was a good time and we are stoked to share it with you here. Jenna and Josh, bring on the milkshakes and the wobble, June 29th is going to be EPIC! xoxo

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Happy day after super bowl! Who watched it?? Ummmmm….not me. But I did go to a party and drink their home brew and eat their vegan cupcakes (thanks Tisha and Brian!xoxo). Are we all feeling just a few LBs heavier today after all the pizza and beer? How depressing, stop it Rach. I felt like that this morning but nothing like a bit of crossfit to set all things right. So here I find myself at that point just after working out but before eating lunch, so hopefully I’ll be able to focus on this post. Actually, I will, BECAUSE it’s amazing. AMAZING. Trust me, it is…or don’t trust me, and see for yourself.

So, lets just be honest from the start here, I’m somewhat (a great deal) obsessed with this adorable little couple. The first time we met with them, one of the first things Stacy said to us was that she is inspired by Free People. yes yes YES…i love you Stacy and Adam (and not just because our cars are twins). So when they asked us to shoot their wedding, it was quite the celebration. AND not only that, we ALSO shot their proposal, and now their engagement session. Oh yeah, and then their wedding is going to take place at Happy Trails in Pasadena, and word on the street is that some of our FAVES will be part of the team (Sitting in Tree, DJ Austin Hendrix mmm hmmm) GGAAAAAH…seriously, how are we so lucky? Anyway, for their engagement session we spent some time at a park off Black Mountain Road that they introduced us to, then ended it at Wind and Sea beach in La Jolla. There was major traffic on the way to the beach and we didn’t end up shooting there until well after sunset, but with the mist, her Sarah Seven dress (ummmm….yes please), and the help of some car lights, I’m pretty sure the outcome was better than if there had been sun. Stacy and Adam, what can we say? We like you, we’re fans, and we cannot wait to be there on your wedding day to watch you two cuties get hitched. Come faster July!!

oh yeah, and guess what? Wednesday is my birthday, and since I know how much you all LOVE sending me gifts, I thought a little reminder is in order. Ok kidding, the only gifts I need are rad clients and readers like yourselves…aaaaaawwwe. Ok stopping this cheese-fest, enjoy the pics and your week! muah!

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Well hello there new friends. We are Megan and Brent…photographers for the ever awesome Studio Castillero. What? There are more of us? Indeed. Studio Castillero has gone from one lone husband and wife team, to TWO (well, we’re engaged, but husband and wife team to be!). Yes, we are so excited to become a part of the Studio Castillero family!! And sometimes, we have to pinch ourselves to make sure this isn’t a dream; Working with our BFFs who happen to be our neighbors, and two of our favorite people on earth. I mean come on, this is definitely a dream come true! This may be old news to you since it was mentioned in a blog post a while back, but we wanted to take the time to OFFICIALLY introduce ourselves to all you lovelies. Sound good? Great! So Hi! Nice to meet you!

So what better way to introduce ourselves than to debut our first client of the year. Alvaro and Kylie are crazy adorable….we love them, and I’m pretty sure you all will too. They are gorgeous, stylish and so very sweet all rolled up into one rad couple. Seriously, from the second we walked into their awesome home in Little Italy we fell in love. We started our day out at their house, walked around the neighborhood a bit, took a few pics, fell in love (you would too! Check them out!). Alvaro and Kylie, thank you so much for bringing the awesome!! We can’t wait to see you next month for your big day!

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