Oh boy…guess what? Rico and I had TWO DAYS OFF this last weekend. Nope, no lies, TWO DAYS my friends. Yesterday was some serious perfect….Rico and Brent went to the races, and Megan and I spent the day at the pool. We all finished the night off with a trip to our fave Ethiopian restaurant and several hours of Olympics watching. Sigh. What is life without great friends, pool days, injera bread, and hours of gymnastics? So good…so so good. So needless to say, we’re feeling a bit more rested this Monday than ever…which is much needed since we have many things in the works at the moment ( AmigoBooth what what!), more on that later though, for now we have one of our FAVE shoots EVER to share with you.

Today we’re sharing the family/lifestyle shoot we did of some of our lovely local creatives/friends, the Hendrix’s. So much to say about this family I don’t even know where to start. Tori is an amazing AMAZING designer ( Sitting in a Tree yo!) who I could seriously work with on EVERY project and it’d be a dream; Austin is a rad DJ and Videographer AND has some of the best hair around, then there’s little Lucca Valentine, she’s the most darling sweetest child and I’m slightly (incredibly) jealous of her wardrobe…no joke, she’s better dressed than most people I know. We recently had the opportunity to document their life and family in their new home which was a complete honor. NOT only because they are incredibly stylish and the camera loves them, but because we adore them and are so lucky to call them friends. I remember when we first met them (Starlite!)…finally here was another couple who loved animals just as much as we do and embraced the vegetarian lifestyle, appreciated good design, and really just “got” us as people. Since then, I’ve had just about a slight obsession with them, and then they go and have this INCREDIBLE child Lucca Valentine. Words cannot describe so you’ll just have to go ahead and look at the images below, you’ll see what I mean. ALSO these images were recently feature on Glitter Guide along with an interview where Tori describes her style, being a mom and a successful business-woman at the same time…it’s quite inspiring so you should head over there and read more, you’ll fall in love with them as much as we have. I promise. Tori, Austin, and Lucca V, seriously? How incredibly lucky are we to call you neighbors (South Park for life! even if you are a just a BIT outside the boundaries) and even more so to call you friends. You are inspiring on how you approach design, and more importantly on how you approach life and we thank you for that inspiration…our life is richer because of it. Muah! Enjoy!

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And how are we all doing on the fine Monday? Rico and I? Oh we’re great. Had a lovely Thanksgiving with the fam on Thursday then shot a pretty awesome wedding on Saturday, followed by the DAY OFF on Sunday. During which I cooked a lot and Rico built a table…the usual. So we’re back at work now and ready to share a somewhat different blog post than our norm today. Now I know that I say often we do not shoot family sessions, because honestly, we are so swamped with all you peeps getting hitched it’s so tough to fit them in! However, we did shoot one a month or so ago for a great friend and we loved it so much we just had to share. We might even be open to shooting more of these in the future too…good news eh? (An FYI though that our lovely associates Megan and Brent do shoot these regularly so if you’re in the market, definitely still let me know). Today’s shoot is of one of my BFFs, Claudette and her kiddos James and Hailey. They met up with us in our neighborhood and we just walked around, played some games, ran in the middle of the street, took some pics, the norm. It was such a treat for Rico and I to do this shoot because documenting relationships is what we do right? So this was just another type, just as beautiful and just as profound as marriage. And although we were a bit out of our comfort zone, after the shoot I felt inspired by this deeper appreciation of yet another thing that makes like meaningful. THEN to make it even better, we love these three like they are our own family and it was such a gift to US to be able to do this. Claudette, you know my heart and how much I adore you (even if you do kick my ass in crossfit), thank you for always being there for everything, good food, laughs, burpees, talking some sense. I couldn’t do life without you. Muah!

ALSO, Claudette is an AMAAAAAAAAZING pastry chef, baker, cake making master, and all around awesome chef. Seriously my friends, if you are getting married (and I know a lot of your are) then you need to have her bake you up something tasty for your wedding…I have yet to taste ANY cake better than hers…and would I lie to you? NEVER. Email me to get her info, then email her and tell her to bring you some of her vegan mexican wedding cookies and you will die. So there you go, email me now and I’ll connect you. do it!

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