hey there. It’s been a week…miss us? I thought so. We have just returned from a week in Tahoe and San Fran, which was a BLAST, but needless to say we have found ourselves a bit (a lot) behind. Sooooooo, this has got to be short because I have an inbox FULL of emails from ya’ll that I need to get back to asap. Good thing we have an AMAZING feature over at Green Wedding Shoes today, so you can read more there. We will be sharing the wedding of Katie and Jeremy on another day as well, so I’ll save my gushing for then. Oh and while you’re over at GWS be sure to read both parts of the feature, it’s a two parter. Enjoy!

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So pretty much today is starting out awesome. Why? Because today we have a two part feature on Green Wedding Shoes. So since Kim and Robbie’s wedding was so EPIC we thought we’d just direct you over there to experience the amazingness of this Austin, TX wedding. There are 2 parts, so get cracking and get on over there! PART 1 and PART 2.


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Mondaaaaaaay! Let me just say, I’m SO EXCITED for this Monday today, yep, this one, right here. Why? Well, we have a fabulous feature up on Green Wedding Shoes today that we are very excited about. We have the most amazing clients, we really do. And we just LOVE it when they trust us in our vendor recs and book the peeps we love to work with. This one, was one of those weddings. We will be sharing it in detail at another date so I won’t gush too much, but you should definitely head on over to Green Wedding Shoes RIGHT NOW and see the amazing-ness that is this Free People inspired wedding, designed by one of our favorite friends Sitting in a Tree events (Tori, we adore you and you’re brilliant, just brilliant). Go see! do it! you’ll die (in a good way of course). Enjoy!

Aaaaand, since we wanted to leave you with a few more extra goodies to take a look at, we thought we’d share a few below from our wedding we shot this last Saturday at the Parker Palm Springs for Jenny and Matt. It was another example of an amazing team of vendors (Sitting in a Tree, Floral Lab, DJ Austin Hendrix, AmigoBooth, etc) coming together with an amazing couple to create a pretty kick ass day…not even kidding, it was EPIC. Don’t you worry, more on this wedding later on as well, just a little something something for a taste.

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