WHOA! Friday and we’re blogging? Must be something exciting eh? Well it sure is. Recently we were asked by the lovely Amanda Jane Jones if we’d be a part of her “My Better Half” series on her blog. Since pretty much I’m obsessed with her blog, I LOVE her work, AND I grew up with her husband (yo Cree Lane!) we couldn’t help but say “YES YES YES!” So today was the feature and we wanted to share it with you all. So head on over to her blog HERE and see the feature and learn some fun facts about yours truly. Then below we posted a few of the outtakes from our self portrait session. Thanks and happy weekending!

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oh boy, guess what happened to us this last weekend? We had the weekend off. WHOA! We can be thanking the rain for that one (thanks rain!) although, I was sad because I was looking forward to some sweet shoots. OH well, not canceled just a bit delayed. So what did we do? Well, worked on the house, went to the South Park Walk-about (our fave neighborhood event), had some good Pho and saw the Hunger Games (yes, we’re fans). So here we are feeling refreshed and ready to share something RAD with you today.

So what would that be you ask? Welllll, today we have the pictures from the Cream Event that we participated in last month. You can read all about it on their official website HERE, but basically it’s a super crazy creative oh so NON bridal show collaboration of artists leading the wedding industry. How’s that for a mouthful? mmmm…a delicious one at that. We were so so so honored to be a part of something so inspiring and we will definitely be attending this event from now on as guests/party goers. Below is just a sampling of the night, and it would take me FOREVER to link every vendor in the pics and then I’d still probably miss someone and feel bad, SO to see a full list you can go HERE. You can also read all about it with even more pics on 100 Layer Cake and Green Wedding Shoes. Enjoy the pics lovelies and we’ll be seeing you all next week…muah!

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Well aren’t we just a ball of exciting things this week? We are SO HAPPY to report that we’re featured on Green Wedding Shoes today for an amazing wedding we shot in Julian. We haven’t shared it yet with you on the blog, so get your little selves on over there and give it a look! Many many thanks to Green Wedding Shoes for sharing our work on their site…always an honor! Muah!

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