Ok well, how about a blog post yeah? Well shit, I sure do think it’s about time. And what better way to get back into blogging then with these two lovers. Oh Mary and JP, where do I start? These two mean the world to me, Mary a fellow photographer and good friend we’ve known for several years, JP a killer DJ and also good friend. I remember wishing you two would get together, now here you are. You’ve overcome a lot through your path to each other and it’s just…well…beautiful. You two are the real deal and I am just DYING to share your wedding images here, but for now, just a little peak into the Joshua Tree engagement session. I’d be lying if I said these images didn’t make my heart explode every time I look at them. mmmm hmmmmm

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Hello new week, hello fall. I do wish it was a little cooler in San Diego right now though, sure doesn’t feel like fall at 80 degrees. Come on cold weather! Well, coldish, since we are in SD….oh man, I love fall. Today we’re sharing something a little bit different with you. We recently had the opportunity to do a commercial shoot for The OC Mix AND we were able to pick the entire team, yeaaaaaah. The theme was “Girl Next Door” and was based around one girl’s day spent at the OC MIX. With styling by Tori from Sitting in a Tree, hair and makeup by 10.11 Makeup, and the model being Rachael from Lace and Likes, basically it was epic. And not only that, a complete blast to be able to spend a day shooting with these ladies. So here’s a little bit of what came out of our day at the OC Mix, many many many thanks to our amazing team and to Red 5 Social for thinking of us for this shoot. Can’t wait for the next one!

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Today I woke up at 10am. I know. AND it was still difficult. I really hate waking up, but on the rare occasion that I do wake up earlier (say 8am) I always enjoy the quietness of the morning. My most recent goal, allow a little more quiet in my life, practice stillness. Today I failed, but that’s ok, I’ll start tomorrow. Gearing up for a pretty busy week ending with an epic wedding on Saturday, it’s going to be a good one, and this week a crazy week so sleeping in today was warranted…bring on the week! And with that I’m sharing a little lifestyle session today. Jamie is a talented photographer and a lovely friend of mine so when she asked us to do a little session with them before moving out of the house they’ve lived in for 10 years, we couldn’t pass it up. Jamie, Ben, and Henry…thank you for letting us in on a piece of your life, you’re refreshing, you’re inspiring and we can’t wait to experience this next chapter of life (in South Park..yeah!) alongside you.

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