Well well well, if Monday isn’t upon us again. Did you all have successful weekending? I hope so! With lots of shooting and family time we cetainly did! So here we are, ready to start this week. The week of my birthday whooooooa. yep, the big 30. Can you believe it? Neither can I. Where does the time go? WHERE DOES IT GO? Birthdays are a time for reset/reflection and I really need some. I need a bit more balance in life, and to take a bit more photos of my own life. Yep, doing it. Bring it on 30! And since my amazing and perfect little nieces are visiting I’m off to some very much needed family time (my heart literally breaks every day having them live so far away and not a part of my daily life and community…yet another thing I need to work on I guess, being more positive for the time I do have with my loved ones, and I sure do love them mmmmm hmmmmm), soooo that being said, I’m going to keep this short. I will say though, that I adore the two lovebirds on the blog today. Shauna is a fellow photographer who did a mentor session with us about a year ago and decided this year to have a few pics of her own! Shauna and Cody, it was an absolute joy spending that rainy evening with you, the best time and the reason we love this job so much. We are so proud of you Shauna for how far you’ve come in your photography and we cannot wait to continue to watch you grow. Love you both muah!

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Hiya friends and happy Monday! Rico and I are headed up to Palm Springs for an editorial we’re shooting so I’m going to have to keep this short, however, less words, great pics? Can’t go wrong eh? I think not. Today we’re sharing the engagement session we did for Mike and Jesse. I really LOVE this shoot and you want to know why? It was perfectly them. We shot at their house, with their pups, and basically focused on shooting a little piece of their life. NOT to mention these two are a couple of sweeties, that’s for sure. Jesse and Mike, thanks for letting us into your home and for the ability capture the intimacy of your everyday life. It was perfection. Only a taste of what the wedding will be like, Central Coast, with Sitting in a Tree and a kick ass couple…mmmmm hmmmmm. can’t go wrong. Until next week lovers! muah!

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Yo yo lovers! How’s the week going? Yep, it’s Tuesday. We didn’t forget…we just had some personal matters come up yesterday that we had to attend to so sadly, for the first time, the Monday post had to take a back seat. We apologize though and wouldn’t leave you hanging for THAT long now would we? Today we have the session we did for Mish and Charlie. Mish is actually my amazing awesome kick ass hairstylist. Not ONLY is she great at cutting and keeping my mane in tact, but she’s also one of the best wedding hairstylists around…a true artist and I highly recommend her. She and Charlie were kind enough to model for us during one of our mentor sessions and lets just say, they were the perfect models. Mish and Charlie thanks for being so awesome and allowing us to talk you into being our lovely subjects. Not only are you amazing at keeping us good-looking but you’re also amazing friends. MUAH!

Also, to all you readers out there, we’ll be doing a mentor session on December 13th and are looking for another couple to model for us. You will need to be available to come to our place in South Park at 3pm. Sooooo, if that works for you and you’re interested, please send me an email at and tell me why you would like to model for our session. Thanks so much everyone and enjoy!

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