Geez….Monday again. This week though Rico and I are back in town from all of our adventures and in an editing frenzy. We love editing, but after a long season of amazing weddings and traveling that editing sure does pile up. We’re working our way through it though and are excited to stay home for a while (as is our cat). We came home Thursday from Hawaii and left again on Friday for a weekend in Ojai where we shot the last official wedding of the “season.” So today is cause for celebration for an amazing wedding season, and celebrate we will. And we’ll start it off right with the lovely engagement/lifestyle session we’re sharing today.

Jana and Joey are couple of a cool cats, that’s for sure. We met them at their home in Pasadena and to say we didn’t instantly hit it off and identify with their style would be a complete lie. We LOVED everything about this shoot, them, their style, their adorable pups. Basically these two were a perfect match for us and I’m kinda wishing we could do a round two shoot with them and their little fam. Joey and Jana? How does that sound? WELL we at least need to be meeting up for some drinks, that’s for sure. You two were like hitting the photography client lottery…thank you for letting us into your home to document a piece of your life. We adore you and can’t wait to connect again soon!

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Aloha friends! Yep, that’s right. Rico and I are currently in Kauai at the moment THOROUGHLY enjoying ourselves. We have been here since Halloween, relaxing, shooting a wedding, then some more relaxing and so pretty much we’re in heaven and just where we need to be as we wrap up this crazy (yet fun) season. And since the beach is calling I’m going to keep this short. Not without leaving you a rad wedding to look at though of course.

Today we are sharing the wedding of Pamela and Ryan Parker, that we shot up in the mountains of Mendocino County several months back. We have known Pamela since college and after getting engaged, when they asked us to join them for their camping wedding, we couldn’t resist. We spent two days with them at “Camp Parker”, canoeing, smores making, star gazing, whiskey drinking, merit badge earning (yep, they made their own merit badges), and picture taking and I must say, it was complete perfection and one of our favorite weddings to date. I love when couples make their wedding a picture of who they are and create a relaxed environment to spend time and celebrate with the ones they love. The few days we spent at the lake were just that. Ryan and Pamela, Camp Parker was something amazing and we couldn’t have been more honored to have been a part of the celebration. Thank you for having us there and drinks when we’re in San Fran next is a must! xoxo

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Oh boy oh boy, it’s Monday again and aren’t we all just balls of excitement. Me? Sadly not today. Rico and I are BOTH sick currently which makes our end of year push a lot more tricky, BUT still remaining positive and feeling lucky to do what we do. We’re just a tad behind on some things so thanks for being so awesome and patient with us. We love you so so much and yes, email responses and edited photos coming your way very soon, I promise! Today we’re sharing a little commercial shoot we did for an online accessory designer, Malaika Designs. Our good friend Cody from Caava Design is an extremely talented designer/all around kick ass person and he did the website/brand design for Malaika, so when he approached us to do the photography to go along with his amazing designs, we jumped at the chance. We also recruited one of our past lovely brides Traci to be our model…a natural don’t you think? So we thought today we’d take a little break from weddings and share just a little bit of this shoot with ya’ll. Thanks to everyone involved in the shoot, it was a blast…Cody, Lindsey from Malaika Designs, Traci, and the fabulous make up artist Janelle Nelson. Enjoy!

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