Oh boy, and another Monday is upon us. In the last two weeks Rico and I have flown eight times, with the last one being last night, to our home. And I must say, I’m so so SO pleased to be home. We were in Portland, NYC, and San Francisco so of course I can’t complain but there is just something about being home that traveling doesn’t give you. We love our little house, our cat, our family, friends, our community so being back is like breathing. so necessary. So today we thought we’d share some exciting happenings in our local community in celebration of being back (until we leave again in four days..sheesh).

About a month ago we had the extreme honor of shooting the launch party introducing the latest endeavor from our friends at MIHO. It was the pop up dinner celebrating their new catering company The Vetted Table and it was so so SO amazing. The event was a rad collaboration of some of our favorite local artists (Sitting in a Tree Events, El Take It Easy, Pow Wow Vintage, DJ Austin Hendrix, AmigoBooth, and Quality Letterpress), and we were beyond THRILLED to have been there taking pics AND debuting the AmigoBooth as well (more on that in a second…). I know this isn’t our normal blog post, but I can say without a doubt that it is JUST as special to us. To work alongside these people was a complete honor, Tori, Austin, Lucca V (of course), Farra, Juan, Kevin, Jackie, James, Allison, and more; people that we love; people from our community all striving for the same thing and the same commitment to San Diego. It was perfection and exactly where we’d want to be. Thank you to all of you for your dedication to San Diego and to your clients, and for allowing us to be a part of something so awesome. Soooo, if you’re getting hitched soon or just throwing a party, I wholeheartedly recommend The Vetted Table to you, seriously, so good (thanks also for accommodating our vegan-ness Juan and Kevin, you two are SERIOUSLY the best and we REALLY APPRECIATE it and the food kicked MAJOR ass!). I ALSO wholeheartedly recommend all of the vendors that participated in this event, they are simply the best!

Also, and one more VERY IMPORTANT/EXCITING thing before this gets too lengthy. One huge piece of exciting news also is our launch of the AmigoBooth! Yep, that’s right, it’s a rad photoboothing experience that we are now offering and it’s pretty freaking awesome. Just check out the pics below from the event and see for yourself. We are now offering this to all of our wedding clients and beyond so I suggest you head over to the new website HERE to check it out! Thanks again lovers and happy Monday-ing!

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Oh yeah, it’s Monday. Thank goodness right? hmmmmmm…well at least it’s blog post time eh? Rico and I had a busy weekend (surprise!) with a sweet wedding on Saturday and an engagement session yesterday. AND with lots of AmigoBooth prep for a RAD event we’re shooting/running the booth at tonight in North Park. What is it you ask? Well, if you live in San Diego you MUST be familiar with our favorite food truck, MIHO Gastrotruck. It’s some amazing amazing quality food which we love, but it’s also run by some pretty special locals. We just adore them and appreciate their creativity in the local food industry and their participation in furthering the creative side of San Diego. Thanks MIHO peeps, you kick some serious ass! yep. Sooooo, tonight is the debut of their new wedding catering called The Vetted Table. It’s a pop up dinner at El Take It Easy in North Park and it’s going to be pretty epic, what with amazing food & drink and collaboration of a team of local SD creatives (Sitting in a Tree, DJ Austin Hendrix, Pow Wow Vintage, AmigoBooth, and us yo!)? Hello! So if you’re in the wedding industry, are an SD local, or just enjoy good food, you won’t want to miss it. Here are the details HERE.

NOOOOW for the blog today! We recently had the opportunity of doing a lifestyle/family shoot with Maurice, Amy, and Lou. These two are San Diego photographers as well (Betwixt Studio) and we are always HONORED when other photographers ask us to document their life…means a ton to us so of course we jumped at the chance! Amy just started PA school, so they wanted to document this time in their lives before the next chapter begins. So we went to their place in Point Loma, drank some coffee, hung out with their sweet pup Lou, and took some pics. We then headed over to South Park (best neighborhood ever eh?…we think so), where we walked around, hung out the car, and the usual antics. Maurice and Amy, thank you for letting us into your life for a few hours and for trusting us 100%. We adore you and your little family and we thank you for the reminder as to how valuable our profession is…thank you thank you thank you for that, after the hundreds and hundreds of hours we put into our career, you have no idea how much we need to hear that sometimes (well actually, you do have an idea, since you do the same!!). We wish you the very very very best in your new endeavors and cannot wait to hang out again soon! xoxoxo

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Oh boy…guess what? Rico and I had TWO DAYS OFF this last weekend. Nope, no lies, TWO DAYS my friends. Yesterday was some serious perfect….Rico and Brent went to the races, and Megan and I spent the day at the pool. We all finished the night off with a trip to our fave Ethiopian restaurant and several hours of Olympics watching. Sigh. What is life without great friends, pool days, injera bread, and hours of gymnastics? So good…so so good. So needless to say, we’re feeling a bit more rested this Monday than ever…which is much needed since we have many things in the works at the moment ( AmigoBooth what what!), more on that later though, for now we have one of our FAVE shoots EVER to share with you.

Today we’re sharing the family/lifestyle shoot we did of some of our lovely local creatives/friends, the Hendrix’s. So much to say about this family I don’t even know where to start. Tori is an amazing AMAZING designer ( Sitting in a Tree yo!) who I could seriously work with on EVERY project and it’d be a dream; Austin is a rad DJ and Videographer AND has some of the best hair around, then there’s little Lucca Valentine, she’s the most darling sweetest child and I’m slightly (incredibly) jealous of her wardrobe…no joke, she’s better dressed than most people I know. We recently had the opportunity to document their life and family in their new home which was a complete honor. NOT only because they are incredibly stylish and the camera loves them, but because we adore them and are so lucky to call them friends. I remember when we first met them (Starlite!)…finally here was another couple who loved animals just as much as we do and embraced the vegetarian lifestyle, appreciated good design, and really just “got” us as people. Since then, I’ve had just about a slight obsession with them, and then they go and have this INCREDIBLE child Lucca Valentine. Words cannot describe so you’ll just have to go ahead and look at the images below, you’ll see what I mean. ALSO these images were recently feature on Glitter Guide along with an interview where Tori describes her style, being a mom and a successful business-woman at the same time…it’s quite inspiring so you should head over there and read more, you’ll fall in love with them as much as we have. I promise. Tori, Austin, and Lucca V, seriously? How incredibly lucky are we to call you neighbors (South Park for life! even if you are a just a BIT outside the boundaries) and even more so to call you friends. You are inspiring on how you approach design, and more importantly on how you approach life and we thank you for that inspiration…our life is richer because of it. Muah! Enjoy!

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