And a happy Monday to you too! Rico and I had some good times running around the bay area this weekend, and now we’re back ready for our weekly checkin. Today we’re posting the engagement session of our lovely Arkansas couple Wade and Johnna. Several weeks back we had the pleasure of venturing out to Fort Smith, Arkansas where we shot their engagement session and wedding all in the same weekend. We flew in on Thursday, shot their engagement session on Friday and then their wedding on Sunday…so it was quite the whirlwind but a darn good one at that. Not only did we find the BEST vegan pho we’ve ever eaten, or had the opportunity to shoot in tons of green trees (doesn’t happen that much here in SD), but we got to experience exactly what they mean by southern hospitality. Johnna and Wade and all of their family and friends were some of the most welcoming people we’ve ever met. It was fantastic and I left Fort Smith already planning on when I could go back for a visit! For their engagement session we took a walk out on some tracks out to a creek, then finished at a little nature reserve. And let me just tell you, these two are something awesome, Johnna walked barefoot pretty much the ENTIRE time (I can’t even walk barefoot on the sidewalk let alone railroad tracks or rocky creek beds), they climbed up bridges, pulled ticks off me with their bare hands (because I’m too much of a wimp to pull it out myself), all the while running around in 95 degree humid weather getting their pictures taken and still looking perfect in every single one. Oh Wade and Johnna, is it weird that we miss you? No way, we do! come visit us soon ok? Oh and just wait until the wedding pictures….soooooooo good. In the meantime though, enjoy! muah!

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Oh hey there lovers. I hope you all enjoyed your weekending and are ready to start the week with a Monday post. Rico and I have been in Denver visiting family the last several days, but will be heading back to reality here later tonight. We’ve spent the last few days relaxing, eating (A LOT), strolling through Boulder (amazing city), then we had a mentor session yesterday with two lovely ladies…it’s been a good time besides the unfortunate fact that I’ve been under the weather the whole time. Because of this I’m going to keep this short because the pictures are WAY better than my sick self (I just sneezed like 10 times gah).

You may remember that a few weeks ago Rico and I went to Vegas for a conference. While we were there we had the opportunity to do a session with Jordan and Ashley. She is a rad photographer from Indiana (Ashley Dru Photo yea-ya),who had found us through the internets and contacted us about doing a shoot with them when we both would be in Vegas at the same time. We LOVE shooting other photographers, especially really cute ones like these two, so we were in. So we headed out to the desert, ran around in the sand, threw rocks, jumped off boulders, took some pics. Then after it was all said and done, we got down on the dance floor with these two at Airplanes and Blazers (major skills you two, major skills). Ashley and Jordan, we kinda like you…A LOT. And why is Indiana so far again? Blast. Thank you for the opportunity to spend some time with you in the desert and to tell just a bit of your story. We are already counting the days until next year, and until then, see you on the internets! xoxox!!!

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