MONDAAAAAAAAAAAY! Some of you I’m sure cringe when you hear the word…am I right? Just think, Monday blog post people! Well, that and coffee…and I can feel the cheer already. You know what else is cheery? Shooting a rad wedding in San Fran in the rain, and spending some time with one of my besties. Yep, that’s what Rico and I did this last weekend. We jumped up to San Fran for the wedding of Lydia and Tommy, then hung out with our lovely friend Carleigh all day yesterday and flew back to San Diego around midnight to have a slumber party at my pop’s house (our house is getting tented, so we’re living out of our car…pesky termites).

Soooo, enough about us and our little house guests (may they rest in peace). On to the good stuff that is Helen and Van. I have been wanting to share them with you for a while now, but you know how it is, busy busy busy wedding season means blog laggage, my apologies. Better late than never though right? So today we have a dual shoot post of Helen and Van. The first part is their engagement session, and the second is their bridal shoot which we shot a couple weeks before the wedding. We enjoyed spending time with them in Huntington and Laguna beach running around the beach, hiking in the mountains, hanging by the lake, we covered a lot of ground with these two! Was it worth it? Most definitely. As always, the pictures speak for themselves so I leave with you Helen and Van and all their adorableness…..

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So, I have this friend….more like a sister. I call her Bunny (her real name is Erin). I love her. Yep, it’s true….more than most people in this world, do I love this girl. She has a fabulous husband and beautiful little girl who I also adore. Well it turns out she’s expecting another little one to add to the family. I KNOW without a doubt, that he will be just as fabulous. They came to visit Rico and I on our one weekend off this year in June and it was bliss. We watched movies, went shopping, ate nachos (vegan..duh!) AND we took pictures! We don’t normally do maternity shoots but we thought we’d make an exception. These pictures make me happy every time I look at them so I thought I’d share that joy with you here. So, there you have it, Erin and Shaun and the little one…can’t wait to meet you Dez! xoxo

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Alright, so today’s post is just a BIT awkward for me…the things we do for sweet pictures right? The reason for this is evident in the first picture which is a giant picture of my face! HOWEVER, as much as I am NOT A FAN of getting my picture taken, Rico and I couldn’t resist doing a shoot in this fabulous downpour we’ve been having in San Diego this week. Since it was just the two of us, we had to pick one person to shoot and one to be the subject. Alas, my long hair betrayed me! It just looks so much better when soaked. So, there you have it, go easy on me, I’m not photogenic so instead just focus on how awesome the rain is, and how it makes for some pretty mean (in a good way) pictures. Happy Thursday my friends!

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