Oh boy, and another Monday is upon us. In the last two weeks Rico and I have flown eight times, with the last one being last night, to our home. And I must say, I’m so so SO pleased to be home. We were in Portland, NYC, and San Francisco so of course I can’t complain but there is just something about being home that traveling doesn’t give you. We love our little house, our cat, our family, friends, our community so being back is like breathing. so necessary. So today we thought we’d share some exciting happenings in our local community in celebration of being back (until we leave again in four days..sheesh).

About a month ago we had the extreme honor of shooting the launch party introducing the latest endeavor from our friends at MIHO. It was the pop up dinner celebrating their new catering company The Vetted Table and it was so so SO amazing. The event was a rad collaboration of some of our favorite local artists (Sitting in a Tree Events, El Take It Easy, Pow Wow Vintage, DJ Austin Hendrix, AmigoBooth, and Quality Letterpress), and we were beyond THRILLED to have been there taking pics AND debuting the AmigoBooth as well (more on that in a second…). I know this isn’t our normal blog post, but I can say without a doubt that it is JUST as special to us. To work alongside these people was a complete honor, Tori, Austin, Lucca V (of course), Farra, Juan, Kevin, Jackie, James, Allison, and more; people that we love; people from our community all striving for the same thing and the same commitment to San Diego. It was perfection and exactly where we’d want to be. Thank you to all of you for your dedication to San Diego and to your clients, and for allowing us to be a part of something so awesome. Soooo, if you’re getting hitched soon or just throwing a party, I wholeheartedly recommend The Vetted Table to you, seriously, so good (thanks also for accommodating our vegan-ness Juan and Kevin, you two are SERIOUSLY the best and we REALLY APPRECIATE it and the food kicked MAJOR ass!). I ALSO wholeheartedly recommend all of the vendors that participated in this event, they are simply the best!

Also, and one more VERY IMPORTANT/EXCITING thing before this gets too lengthy. One huge piece of exciting news also is our launch of the AmigoBooth! Yep, that’s right, it’s a rad photoboothing experience that we are now offering and it’s pretty freaking awesome. Just check out the pics below from the event and see for yourself. We are now offering this to all of our wedding clients and beyond so I suggest you head over to the new website HERE to check it out! Thanks again lovers and happy Monday-ing!

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Hey there. Rico and I were in Portland all last week, and we are now currently in NYC. We have to leave for a shoot in about 5 minutes sooooo, keeping this short. Today we’re sharing a few pics we took while in Portland. All taken and edited with our iphones on VSCOcam. So take a look at Portland through our eyes (and phones) and we’ll touch base again next week! Peace out lovers!

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Happy Labor Day ya’ll! Rico and I are currently up North getting our Portland on so we’re going to keep this short in order to enjoy a little vacationing (vegan pizza, voodoo donuts, day drinking…paradise). We would never leave you hanging though so we decided to share just a few shots from the wedding we shot on Sauvie Island yesterday. Ace hotel, hot couple, corn fields? yes please. So enjoy your holiday and we’ll touch base again in a week (well, we’ll be in NYC next Monday so probably another short post…but still epic of course. be warned). Peace!

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