Hey there 2012….are we going to get along this year? I’m thinking if you’re anything like 2011 then we’ll be sitting pretty. Rico and I are taking a much needed day off today to celebrate the New Year sooooo, we’re just posting a few pics of what we did on NYE (Thanks Willie and Mackenzie on bringing the party!). Then tomorrow we’ll be back posting a loooooong post and you’d better come back because it’s going to be a good one. So the happiest of new years to you all and enjoy day two!

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And again another week has gone by and I feel like I was just writing last week’s post only yesterday. Time, could you please just slow down for a freaking minute ok? Thanks. Oh well, good thing we like to take pics…pictures tend to slow time down for me, and remind me to sit in my life instead of just rushing through it.

Today we have yet ANOTHER announcement (we’ve just been full of them lately). Yesterday marked the beginning of a new service that we are starting to offer. We did our first ever Studio Castillero mentor sesh and oh boy was it a good time. Honestly, we have always kind of shied away from the idea of mentor sessions because we really do feel like “what on earth do we have to offer or teach?” We get so many emails asking about how we do things and I’m always just like, ummmmmm, we are noooo experts. However, our new friend Shauna was persistant in asking and in her interest to learn from us that we thought, what the heck, lets do it. Yes we were nervous and no we still did not think we had that much to teach, but after the session we found ourselves inspired and appreciative and REMINDED of all our hard work, and most importantly, of all those who have supported us along the way. Nothing we have achieved nor anything we have to offer is because we are great, it’s because we were given the opportunity by our clients and friends to do something that is so deeply a part of who we are. SO why shouldn’t we share that right?? So during our session, we talked about our vision, about who we are and why we do this, had a fun time shooting some pretty hot models (mr and mrs bucks, you rock), spent some time in lightroom, and then finished the night with dinner at Pokez (YUUUMMMM). It was so fun and so humbling and we decided that it’s something we’d like to do again. Again, we’re not saying we have all the answers, but if you’d like to spend some time with us, learning about our journey in this sometimes crazy profession, and getting help discovering yours, then shoot me an email (rachel@studiocastillero.com) and we can talk! Shauna, we adore you and we seriously had the best time getting to know you yesterday. Thank you for being so sweet and for trusting us and our direction. I look forward to MANY dinners at Pokez with you and the man (I know he loves his mexican food) and watching as you develop your biz. Thanks for being our first mentoree ever! MUAH!

I can’t end this post without talking about our amazing models. Matt and Ashley, we honestly don’t know what we did before we met you. We are SO appreciative of you and times spent with you, amazing family dinner nights, CSA box deliveries, veggie burger making nights…plant based eaters ftw! Thank you so much for always making us laugh and for being such great friends. It was an honor to document just a little bit of your relationship and thank you soooooo much for being our models! Oh, and we just had to throw a few on at the end of our lovely mentoree Shauna Miller, because, well she’s sweet AND she’s hot stuff and we just had to share. xoxo to you all!

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It’s Tuesday after a three day weekend and since I know how hard it is to get back to work after a holiday, I’m going to post something special today (as if EVERY post isn’t special though am I right?). Rico and I had a great weekend in San Fran shooting the RAD wedding of Dominique and Tim. It seriously, blew.my.mind. I mean, she designed her own dress complete with a “big obnoxious bow” (her words) which was perfection. Ok ok, before I get ahead of myself, you’ll just have to wait to see those images at a later date (or go to our facebook page later today where I’ll be posting a little glimpse). After 10 hours of driving in the car and listening to dance music to keep us awake and not suicidal over the traffic (I dreamt about Usher, no joke), we made it home late last night. That is why we missed the Monday post, but as if you even noticed because I’m sure you were all out partying/enjoying the day off! If you weren’t, this is me shaking my finger at you! NO WORK ON LABOR DAY!

So this week it’s a Tuesday post, and a good one. I mentioned last week that I do boudoir photography as well and that I have a separate site dedicated to that, remember? Well, I said that I would post some pics and talk a bit about my philosophy behind my style/approach. Here I am, as promised doing just that. I will just start off by saying that I LOVE boudoir photography. It can be so beautiful and artistic and so fun, all things I love so of course I dig it!┬áSo you know what? I think you should book a session. Why? Because you’re beautiful and you should document that….no matter what your size or shape (I know we tend to worry about that ladies, being one myself). The pictures make a FANTASTIC wedding gift for your fiance, or a first anniversary gift for your spouse (the first year gift is supposed to be paper, so it’s perfect!). PLUS, I do the shoots along with one of my besties Carleigh, (love you Carlos!!) and we have a grand old time laughing, drinking wine, and taking a few pics. A note about our style, we HATE fake. You are beautiful EXACTLY how you are and don’t need any alterations. That being said, we don’t use any artificial light and we don’t do much touching up (general things yes, but I will not be making you look 3 sizes smaller) Why? Because that’s not you! No frills, no fake, just the real you, it’s raw and THAT’S hot, so that’s what you’ll get. And I’M SURE whomever you are giving the pictures to doesn’t want to see a fake you, they want to see the REAL you, the person they love. Not a false, lit up, airbrushed, 10 sizes smaller version. PASS. Soooooo, there you have it, our raw boudoir photography. The site is www.studioraw.net (still a work in progress, but worth sharing) so check it out! For a limited time I am running a special of $300, just let me know you read this blog post and the discount is all yours. Stay sexy my friends!!! xoxo

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