“in december drinking horchata…..” OK, make that in March drinking margaritas BUT I’m listening to that song right now and it totally made me feel like posting today. Thank you Vampire Weekend! ANYWAY, yes, a Thursday post was in order this week since I know you’re all DYING to see pictures of our trip to Tahoe where we shot the wedding of Candice & Darren (see the post directly below this one).  The wedding was on Saturday so we decided to go up a little early to have some time to hang out in Tahoe since I’d never been there before. It was BEAUTIFUL up there, which was good because I definitely didn’t pack for really cold weather (it’s the San Diegan in me). While we were there we walked around Tahoe City, took some pictures at the lake, stared at people (I have a problem), AND found a top notch Mexican place with some of the best margaritas I’ve had in a long time and those of you who know me know how picky I am when it comes to my margaritas. Thank you Blue Agave for making our trip just a little more pleasant and for investing in the Vita-mix blender because that seriously makes a world of difference. Oh vita-mix, sigh. SOOOO, it was such a blessing to spend some time with my dear friend Carleigh who drove from San Fran and met us in Tahoe (thanks for letting us stay in  your cabin oxoxoxo). I wish we lived closer!!! Alright, so with that I leave you with some pictures of our trip, FYI no fancy dresses, or pro hair and makeup here, so enjoy my wind blown not enough sleep look…keeping it real right??? MUAH!

And a little bit of news to keep you all in the know. As I announced a while ago, our 2010 dates were full for wedding bookings, but we have decided to open up to doing one or two more (we love weddings, what can I say?). SOOOO, if you know anyone getting married this year still needing a photog, we have limited availability BUT send them our way anyway. We have many spots open for 2011 as well and July is filling up fast so get on that advance planning head start….never hurts to book early while we’re still offering our 2010 rates as well (wink wink). Ok ok, NOW for the pictures.

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