Portlandia. Yep, that’s where we have been the last several days. And an amazing several days they were. I’m actually feeling a bit sad sitting here on the plane heading back to San Diego. I love going home, I miss our animals and all our peeps in SD. When in Portland though, there is this sense of home…we love it. Sooooo we’re thinking of doing a home exchange there in Jan or Feb next year? Any Portlanders want to trade for a month or 6 weeks? Come on, you know you want to…lets do it! On another note though, while we were in the Rose city we had the opportunity to attend the wedding of Cam and Dawn and to be there to tell their story. Since we’re traveling and things are a bit crazy today we thought we’d share just a few images from that wedding, because, well, it was amazing. And don’t you worry, you’ll be seeing more of Cam and Dawn’s day in the future. until then, enjoy!

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So its monday.. And we are not home, and this is not rachel. CRAZY!! Yup. I hijacked the blogged so Rachel could go frolic in the Palm Springs sun with some of her favorite people. We decided to venture out to Palm Springs to get away from the computer and to celebrate a life milestone. Rachel is 30! I can’t believe that I have known her for over 10 years. Her life means everything to me and her love has taught me how to love better. She inspires everyone around her, and works harder than anyone I know. Rachel, thanks for being a loving, dedicated wife, and for teaching me that there is so much beauty in the messiness of life. I’m blessed to be your husband and will forever be grateful that you chose me to spend the rest of your life with.

Thanks to Farra for the cake pic and the glassware and to Tori for the awesome room decor and to Claudette for the super awesome vegan chocolate cake and to all our friends from coming out. We love you all

All pics shot and edited on iPhone 5

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Happy Monday ya’ll! Rico and I are currently in Austin, Texas and are just heading out the door. We wouldn’t leave you hanging on the Monday post though now would we? Below is a little glimpse of the wedding we shot here on Saturday. Friends, let me tell you, it was amazing. AMAZING. We had a great team of vendors (woot woot Jesi Haack!) and one of the best couples ever (yay Kim and Robbie). And just WAIT until you see the full wedding, so good, so so good. mmmmmmm. So with that, we’re off to a good ole Texan happy hour.

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