Hey there. Rico and I were in Portland all last week, and we are now currently in NYC. We have to leave for a shoot in about 5 minutes sooooo, keeping this short. Today we’re sharing a few pics we took while in Portland. All taken and edited with our iphones on VSCOcam. So take a look at Portland through our eyes (and phones) and we’ll touch base again next week! Peace out lovers!

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Happy Labor Day ya’ll! Rico and I are currently up North getting our Portland on so we’re going to keep this short in order to enjoy a little vacationing (vegan pizza, voodoo donuts, day drinking…paradise). We would never leave you hanging though so we decided to share just a few shots from the wedding we shot on Sauvie Island yesterday. Ace hotel, hot couple, corn fields? yes please. So enjoy your holiday and we’ll touch base again in a week (well, we’ll be in NYC next Monday so probably another short post…but still epic of course. be warned). Peace!

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Did you all know that Rico and I have THREE nieces? Yep, it’s true…Uncle Rico and Aunt Rachel, that’s us. Well our nieces are pretty much the best too so we thought today we’d do a little personal post to show them off. We recently took two family trips where we were able to spend some time with them. I went to Idaho in April to visit my sister’s newest baby, Anneliese Mae and loved my time spent with her and her sister Addy. Then Rico was able to go Yreka for his little brother’s high school graduation (I can’t believe it, time where have you gone???). Most of Rico’s entire family was there for the event, including Rico’s sister and her sweet daughter Amalia all the way from Michigan. Looking at these pictures honestly just trips me out. I think back on those times with my sister dancing to Madonna, playing tennis and laying by the pool at the tennis club, riding around in her tacoma, summer camp in Florida, stuffed in a van with our grandparents in Yellowstone listening to Celine Dion on our discman…times that seem like they happened two years ago, then it hits me, my sister (and myself) is a grown up, I’m an aunt, I have three nieces, two of which are 2 years old! What happened to the years? How did we get to this place so quickly? slow down please!! And that is why these pictures are so important to us and a reminder as to the weight of our profession. We are documenting these years, these moments that go by so quickly, these times we’ll never get back but we can hold on to with pictures. Our pictures. and then I realize just how incredibly blessed we are to have this ability to give this gift to our families, to ourselves, and to our clients…we are participating in their legacy and that’s pretty freaking awesome if you ask me. So with that, I leave you with a little glimpse into our precious family who we adore and REALLY REALLY REALLY wish lived closer. (sisters, move here ok? ok thanks).

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