Happy Memorial day! And a huge shout out to all those who serve and have served! We appreciate you! Since it is Memorial day and I’m certain the majority of you are out enjoying each other, bbq-ing (we’ll be doing some of that later), and relaxing on your day off, I’ll keep this short but still sweet. The last several days Rico and I have been in Arkansas for the engagement session and wedding of one of the sweetest couples ever! We will be posting full blog posts of these sessions later on where I’ll fill you in on all the fun details of our trip, but for now I thought I’d give you a little taste of our time there and the lovely Johnna and Wade. These two are something adorable and we can’t wait to share more! In the meantime, enjoy the pics and Johnna & Wade have the best honeymoon ever, we’re missing you already!! Enjoy!

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It’s that time of the week again…Monday. Today doesn’t feel like the regular Monday for us because we’re Palms Springing it at the moment with a few of our photog friends. We are just about to head to the pool, but before we go, I wanted to share a few pics from our mini vacay here at the Ace Hotel. We’ll post another blog later on this week, so no need to worry, you know I wouldn’t leave you wanting. Enjoy! xoxo

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Today is Wednesday and despite the fact that I was up LATE last night editing, I find myself in a pretty good mood today. Why? Well, Rico and I are going to see Muse live tonight at SDSU….this is a concert that I have been waiting to attend for YEARS. And to top it off, one of our favorite friends (and our website creating/hosting genius) James is coming too! Oh man, maybe I should just take the whole day off and go get a margarita to celebrate RIGHT NOW. hmmmmmm……or I’ll post a blog just as celebratory if you ask me, especially when blogging about vacation. I know, a few of you who know us probably thought that word didn’t exist in our world but it’s true, we are known to take a vacation here and there (even if just a couple of days). Well, last week we shot the LOVELY wedding of Ellen and Richard at Wallace Falls Lodge just outside of Seattle, and we decided to stay for a few days in the city afterwards. Seriously LOVE that city….I felt like I was home. So we ate A LOT of mind blowing vegan food HERE and HERE and HERE (oh to live in a vegan friendly city), walked  A LOT, slept in every day and THOROUGHLY ignored my inbox (which meant trouble this last week, but still worth it). We stayed at the Ace Hotel and The Hotel Sorrento (thanks Erica! xoxox) where we didn’t make the bed AT ALL, not that that’s different from normal life but still. Oh yes, then we took many many many pictures. So, for a little mid week treat I thought I’d share some pics from our little vacation in hipster land and encourage you all to get to Seattle….you won’t regret it, and quite possibly may never leave.

We LOVED the Ace Hotel, sooooo…we took pictures.

Dinner at Sutra and Cafe Flora…orgasm for our taste buds AND my camera.

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