Just a little teaser from our Valentine’s Day Wedding…. another blog post to come tomorrow!!!

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Oh Monday, dreaded Monday….why must you always leave me feeling so tired? These blog posts are what keep me going…and you thought I posted these for you? Purely selfish my friends. KIDDING! You know I love you! I am pretty tired today, a good tired of course because we had a fabulous weekend of weddings, shoots, and client meetings (2 more spots for 2010 open!). PLUS we got to pay a visit to my adorable little 3 month old niece, Addy, whose cheeks I consider to be one of God’s best creations (quite kissable….referring to the cheeks on her face of course you silly people!).

I have an extra special wedding post to share with you all today. Tyler and Emily are probably one of my favorite couples. We met them through my best friend/roomie from college and have grown to be very good friends of ours. We met them for the first time in San Francisco for their engagement session a year ago and immediately hit it off. They are so easy and fun to be around and not to mention generous (Emily has picked us up from the airport numerous times and let us stay at their place in the city). I was seriously dying for their wedding date  to arrive at the end of 2009. Well arrive it did and it was AMAZING! They had a beach/country themed wedding because Emily is from California and Tyler is from Montana….the perfect combo because it was perfectly them. The ceremony was the beach aspect and couldn’t have taken place in a more fitting place than Carmel, it was lovely and the light had  me doing backflips (ok, maybe not literally…but if I could do a backflip I would have done 20, the light was that good). After the ceremony we headed over to the country themed reception complete with personalized belt buckles and beer mugs in the shape of cowboy boots as favors. All you out there who consider your group of friends to be a little on the wild side, I think Emily and Chappy (Tyler’s “real” name)  may give you a run for your money because this party DID NOT STOP for hours! It was intense, in a awesome get your crazy dance (and drink) on kind of a way. Pretty sure I slept until 1pm the next day, yes, it was that awesome. Ok, so I could go on about this wedding and how much I love this couple and how much they mean to me, but I’ll save that for the next time I visit them. However, I just want to say…Emily and Chappy, I feel honored and blessed to have met you and to have been a part of your wedding day. I look forward to your friendship and to watching your marriage grow…we adore you!

OH, and I couldn’t leave out a link to the wedding trailer that Aqua Vivus did for Emily and Tyler! Working with Tom was of course, a blast as usual and his work is breathtaking. (video by Tom, stills by us). Enjoy HERE!

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