Hi Monday peeps! I hope you all enjoyed your weekending! Rico and I were up in Sonoma for a lovely wedding so it’s safe to say we enjoyed ours thoroughly. Oh man, has September been crazy for us or what!? We’ve been out of town every weekend for weddings this month and will be continuing that trend for the next couple of weeks. I know we’ve been slacking a little on the Monday posts but it’s for a good cause friends, traveling, shooting, loving what we do, all good things. We’ll pick up again soon, I promise. And to make it up to you today I have am AMAZING wedding to share with you.

Today’s weddings is that of Tera and Wes. Geez you guys, it was a good one. We’ve been waiting a while to share it with you because it was featured on Martha Stewart Weddings last week and we were waiting for that to hit, worth the wait for sure. This wedding was something else, it was beyond, epic, perfection. This is what happens when you have an AMAZING couple and an AMAZING team of vendors who all enjoy working together. Tera and Wes were married at Balboa Park and their wedding was themed around their love of art. Yes! Bring in Tori from Sitting in a Tree Events and boom, art themed wedding perfection. Tera and Wes, you two, we adore you. We loved working with you not only because you’re artists and you “get” us and our style, but also because you are genuine lovely amazing and real people. Thank you for having us at such an amazing event in your lives and thank you for inspiring us. Can’t WAIT for the next shoot we do together soon and for Lou and Mona to meet (hello fellow future inlaws). Muah!

And a thank you to all the amazing vendors: Sitting in a Tree, AmigoBooth, The Floral Lab, 10.11 Makeup, The Flashdance, Campine Catering, Aqua Vivus, Yeah! Rentals, and Casa De Perrin. Killed it friends, killed it.

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Oh hello. Who’s excited for the beginning of the week? I woke up at 11:30am today so safe to say I caught up on some sleep and am ready to hit the ground running. First things first, blog posting. Several months ago we had the opportunity to be there at the wedding of Aaron and Kat for some Smog Shoppe lovin. These two lovebirds met at Mattel where they both worked. So the wedding was themed around their love for toys and each other. I must say, it was perfect. It’s also always a pleasure working with the Nira from Amber Events, sooooooo, yep, pretty much wedding heaven. Kat and Aaron, you two are something adorable and we hate that you live all the way over in the midwest! Thank you for allowing us to be there on such a big day in your lives and we can’t wait to see you both VERY SOON! muah!

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Hi lovers! Don’t let those Monday blues get you down, have we got a good wedding for you today or what? Yep, we do, we do we do WE DO! It’s always such an honor when another photographer asks us to shoot their wedding, so when Katie contacted us it made our month, our year even. These two, so sweet, so relaxed, so so SO easy going. It was heaven. Pure photographer heaven. And then they had a bayou themed wedding at the Marvimon in LA? That just sealed the deal of awesomeness. done. Jeremy and Katie, what can we say? You’re seriously the sweetest. SUCH an honor being there at your wedding and such a breath of fresh air. Thank you for trusting our vision and for working with us to create something beautiful…oh yeah, and lets hang out soon pleeeeeeease? Muah!

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