Colorado living, that’s what we’re doing now. We flew out to Denver on Friday for a wedding, then yesterday spent the day mentoring a Denver photog, which is always a good time. So it’s safe to say we’re in a good mood. Today we are relaxing at mom’s house, watching HGTV and are about to head out on a walk, BUT not without posting the blog first. We thought since we’re in Colorado mode that we’d share images from our wedding we shot here on Saturday. So here you have it, meet Brittany and Aaron.

Brittany contacted us in March of last year, she knew she wanted to work with us and even picked her wedding date around our schedule, we loved that our work resonated so much with them and that they were willing to do what it took to get us to their wedding. Brittany explained to us about how she had recently lost her ability to smile due to health complications and now that she has been healed she LOVES to smile. She said “our wedding photos are so important to us because it’s an incredible blessing that I am able to smile again and we are so excited to capture this sign of our joy on our wedding day.” YES, we love it! It was so obvious that these two get it, they get what it’s like to work through struggle together and to remain joyful because of it. We knew we had to do whatever it took ourselves as well to be there at their wedding. So, here we are, in Colorado, having witnessed an intimate part of another couple’s story, a beautiful couple, a lovely story, a perfect day. Brittany and Aaron, thank you for being not only a dream to work with through the whole process, for making us feel welcomed and loved, but also for allowing us the honor of telling your story. Your love for each other and everyone around you is inspiring, and Brittany, you’re radiant so keep on smiling girl! xoxo

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And Monday is upon us again…aaaaaand we are STILL traveling. Quite the whirlwind we’ve had the last two weeks (as I’m sure you could tell from last week’s blog post). Today we have found ourselves on the last day of our trip. Sitting here in the lobby, glass of wine, olives, free wifi, all necessities for a good blog post just before heading to the airport in 20 minutes. Home is calling our name. But before we head out, we thought we’d share the second leg of our trip. After NYC we got a train to Boston for a few days, where we walked the freedom trail and ate way too much italian food (yum). We then caught a bus, to a boat, to Nantucket island where we explored for a few days (yep, we are definitely buying a scooter when back in SD) and finished it all off with the amazing wedding of Katie and Mike.

Oh man, Katie and Mike. Words cannot express. Their wedding was A-mazing. they rented a house on the bluff in the little town of Sconset. It was the perfect combo of floridans, new yorkers, scots and brits AND it was epic (who doesn’t love a man in a kilt eh?). Katie and Mike, as I said to you already, once you book us for your wedding we’re in for life. Yep, so be looking forward to lots of NYC visits, Swift’s Bar trips, and adventuring. We adore you..we are SO happy for you and your commitment to each other and we look forward to many adventures in the future (including us of course, duh). And with that I leave you to the post…we’re off to hit the skies because home is calling our name. Muah! (all pics except those from the wedding taken via our iPhones).

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Portlandia. Yep, that’s where we have been the last several days. And an amazing several days they were. I’m actually feeling a bit sad sitting here on the plane heading back to San Diego. I love going home, I miss our animals and all our peeps in SD. When in Portland though, there is this sense of home…we love it. Sooooo we’re thinking of doing a home exchange there in Jan or Feb next year? Any Portlanders want to trade for a month or 6 weeks? Come on, you know you want to…lets do it! On another note though, while we were in the Rose city we had the opportunity to attend the wedding of Cam and Dawn and to be there to tell their story. Since we’re traveling and things are a bit crazy today we thought we’d share just a few images from that wedding, because, well, it was amazing. And don’t you worry, you’ll be seeing more of Cam and Dawn’s day in the future. until then, enjoy!

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