WHOA! Monday lovers! Man am I happy to see you! This weekend was amazing with some good wedding times in Santa Ynez, followed by a lovely engagement shoot in Santa Monica and now back at home and back at it. Today we’re sharing the wedding of Jonathan and Susan. They were married at The Estancia last fall and I must say, it was wedding perfection at its finest. I have to make this short because my inbox is calling my name, but friends, this wedding speaks for itself, so so great. Susan and Jonathan, you two, the sweetest. We are so honored to have been there at your wedding and hope to meet up again soon next time you’re in SD (come back soon!!!). enjoy lovers! xoxo

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Yo! How are my peeps? Great? good. I’m a little under the weather so functioning on a little bit lower level today, but you know what? that’s not holding us back, no way! Just got back from pilates (yes that was rough) and here I am, posting the blog for ya’ll. Well, good thing I am too because it’s a good one, no…it’s an AMAZING one. Today we’re sharing the wedding of Chad and Lacey. This one is extra special for us because Rico has know Lacey since high school, so from high school volleyball to getting hitched, time sure does fly by doesn’t it? Sheesh. Oh yeah, and the day, perfection with the amazing venue Cal A Vie (seriously amazing, check out that chapel deconstructed in France, flown over, and then rebuilt brick by brick on site of Cal a Vie), the stunning bride (props to Mish for killing it on Lacey’s hair styling…so so good), the relaxed intimate atmosphere, and and all around good time. It’s safe to say, we enjoyed this one my friends. And Lacey and Chad, we love you guys…a lot. Thanks for being SUCH dream clients and good friends…see you soon! xoxo

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So this one time, we shot this wedding, it was in Austin, and it was AMAZING. Well, it’s about time we shared it with you! And oh boooooooooy are you going to love it. When Kim and Robbie contacted us I knew right off the bat that this was going to be a good one, and then we met them when they came to San Diego for their engagement session and it sealed the deal. So in October we flew to Austin and met up with this lovely couple and their amazing team of vendors (hello amazing genius design skillz Jesi Haack) and basically it was heaven (can we say, Napoleon Dynamite themed wedding?). Not to mention that I’m slightly obsessed with Austin and am counting the days until we can head back there. Kim and Robbie, seriously, can you please move to SD or perhaps us there? hmmmmmmmm. We adore you, it’s so so true. AND we must be getting together soon for some day drinking am I right? love yousss!! xoxo

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