SUMMER!!! If we’re being picky, summer technically starts tomorrow but, you guys, I can’t wait. Forget new year’s resolutions. Summer is my jam:
- Eat more watermelon
- Start running/hiking again
- Read at least one new book
- Cook everyday!
- Perfect a new cocktail
- Picnic, nap, repeat
- Move so we can get a dog
- CAMP at least once
AND, blog regularly again! We have had too many amazing clients and shoots lately not to share ‘em so stay tuned. Let the summer goals begin! Like these two, Sahar and John are getting married this fall at The Loft on Pine and we can’t wait. Good, honest people who love each other. That’s pretty much a recipe for success and we were thrilled to spend the day with them.
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Happy Cinco de Mayo internet world! How is it May already?! Chadwick and I had a great weekend celebrating dear friends, making new ones, and beating the heat (although, I’ll take any excuse for ice cream/popsicles that I can get). We have a busy week ahead including shooting Lucy and Ryan’s wedding this Saturday and we are pretty excited to share some of their engagement photos with you all today! They have a true sweetness to their relationship and we had the best time hiking and Sunday-driving around with them. See below! (Then go eat some chips and salsa for me!)
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I think that getting to know our clients is one of my favorite things about engagement sessions. We hang out, swap stories, let our guards down, even if just a bit, and then get to capture those moments of true, authentic living. It’s pretty much the best and Molly and Jared completely exemplified this. I know, it’s going to sound sappy but seriously, after meeting them you cannot deny the sweet love they have for each other. Jared is constantly looking for ways to build up Molly and rightfully brag on the amazing heart that she has. And the way Molly looks at Jared, you can just see these two are meant to be. I mean, you almost hear her laughing when you see these photos. Chadwick and I left wishing they both lived closer so we could hang out with them more! Oh, and random fact – Jared plays in a pretty sweet band: J. Thoven that you should listen to AND he used to play in a band that Chadwick put on a mix CD (yes, we did that) back when he was trying to get me to go out with him. So basically, Chadwick and I might not have been together if it wasn’t for Jared. Small world!
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    Today we’re taking a little break from wedding posting to share some engagement goodness. It’s getting to be that season and we are absolutely loving getting to know our new couples. Hearing their stories, seeing them interact, and letting them get to know our own quirkiness is all part of the magic and we so covet that time. Like this one. Lindsey and Michael are getting married this summer and they are the sweetest. They were so down to run around through prickly fields and dodge mountain bikers with us. Their love is built on such a clear friendship and they are constantly making each other laugh. They know how to have fun. Just how it should be. It was an honor to do this session with them and we can’t wait for more fun at their wedding!

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Happy MLK Day! We are enjoying our Monday reflecting on the power of change and the beauty of of those who pursue what is right regardless of their own imperfections. So today has been full of slow breakfasts, iced coffee (because California still thinks its summer), reading (super interesting article on working like MLK vs. worshipping him) and finishing up this wedding! Annie and Davis got married at Apple Creek Ranch up near Santa Barbara and it was pretty dang amazing. They have such a mature and sweet relationship. It was a joy to see them interact and say “I do.” Annie and Davis, we have loved getting to know you two and are stoked that we get to be neighbors! Everyone else, go see how cute they are below…

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HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS! We are busy putting final touches on some of our final 2013 weddings but had to take a break and share this beauty. Michaela and Erik got married at a sweet little Catholic church in Pacific Beach and then celebrated the night away at the San Diego Rowing Club. These two wove in a lot of fun little nautical details to complement the location and their favorite spots. You might remember their sweet  engagement session at their “secret” beach spot that they took us to here. We had an amazing time and are thrilled to share these images with you all today!

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Big Sur is one of my favorite places on earth. Dramatic? Maybe, but those who’ve gone know that you really can’t deny its beauty. Needless to say, I’ve been looking forward to sharing this wedding for a while. Remember Liz and Michael? They met while roommate hunting and fell in love and then planned this awesome ceremony in Big Sur for their friends and family? Yep them! It was an AMAZING day. It was simple, honest, and relaxed, perfectly fitting for being out in the woods. In Liz’s own words their wedding colors were “blue like the ocean and brown like the dirt.” Love it. Liz definitely put her own special touch on all the design and details and Michael’s dad did all of the gorgeous flower arrangements. These two know how to throw a wedding. They even chose to get married at this awesome, architecture’s dream of  a home, at Anderson Canyon and  had catering through A Big Sur Affair (Cheri is AWESOME! Seriously so sweet and helpful).  They danced all night and we had the best time being a part of the fun! Now come back and visit us in San Diego already (or be ready, we’re planning a trip to SF soon!)

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We love what we do and getting to know our clients is one of the best things about it. I’ve been astounded at how perfectly people can just fit together. Maybe I’m overly analytical and maybe I just love it even more because Chadwick and I are opposites in many ways but it really is crazy how love works. Yes, we like to get to know our clients so that the photo session is fun and they’re relaxed/natural but I think there’s even a selfish element to it. We always learn something new from the people we shoot and time and again come away just feeling good about love and marriage and belonging. Case in point….John and Hannah. We blogged their fun engagement session back here and these two might not realize it, but they’ve taught us a lot about love. They got married at an amazing, eclectic, makes you want to re-decorate place called the Hacienda Palomita. I mean there were chickens, baby goats, gardens. It was a pretty great day. They even let John and Hannah bring their dog, Cody, for a quick hello. Enough of me rambling though, just see if you can tell how great these two are.
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It’s FRIDAY!!! This week has been a doozy! Don’t get me wrong, we love being busy but it’s definitely one of those seasons that really makes me thankful for the little moments of peace and relaxation. Chadwick and I have instituted the 30 minute date night to keep us sane. Thirty minutes, sometimes a little more, of uninterrupted time together without work talk or multitasking. We drank wine and watched the sunset. It was perfect and I’m pretty proud of him for thinking of it. But enough about us…These two are getting married tomorrow! We are pretty pumped to celebrate with Kim and Pasha and thought we’d share some of their engagement lovin’ on the blog today. We met up with them near their home in San Juan Capistrano and had some fun wandering the streets and dancing in parking lots. They get each other and we loved that.

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They’re married! It is October and we haven’t blogged in quite some time. That’s terrible, I know! We’ve been so busy having fun at all these amazing weddings that I’ve neglected the blogosphere. Not anymore. Fall is here (despite the 80 degree weather that makes you think otherwise) and I am one for seasons and “starting fresh.” So let’s kick off my new blog resolution with one of our favorite weddings this summer! Scot and Carrie. You may remember them from their awesome family/engagement shoot here. They got married up in San Luis Obispo (one of our favorite spots) at the Santa Margarita Ranch and Carrie did a crazy amazing job designing all the details: vintage furniture, wedding party signature cocktails, and her dress…! She even built the bar herself. I mean Carrie really tooking DIYing to a new level here.

We love Scot and Carrie. Their love is apparent and they know how to have fun together. Hopefully we captured an ounce of it!

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