About Us

We’d much rather hang out and get to know each other in person but I know we have to at least give you something here, so we’ll try to be brief (who knows what to write on these about pages anyway right?).  We are Rachel and Rico, a husband and wife photography team based in Southern California. We are artists who appreciate all forms of expression (music, fashion, art, photography, etc) and we care deeply for others, human and non-human alike (yes, we are vegetarians). Our approach to photography, our style, is clean, non traditional, modern, and editorial. We feel STRONGLY that achieving beautiful pictures starts with a collaboration between you and us, working together to make something beautiful. Sooooo basically, we want to be your friends, a part of your life, and we want to work together with you to create compelling images that tell a story of your relationship and your love for each other. So we will hang out with you, ask you ALL SORTS of personal questions, and we’ll take some pics… Sound good? it will be fun, we promise.

So the question is, are we a good fit for you? Are you drawn to the slightly less traditional? Do you love music, poetry, modern or eclectic design, the arts? Do you want your photographers to be story tellers and create pictures that make you feel something? Then it’s pretty safe to say we should AT LEAST get together for coffee (or happy hour). So send us an email, we’d love to meet you!

Oh and we love to travel. So don’t hesitate to ask if we are willing to fly to Bora Bora (Or Portland, we love Portland). The answer is most definietly yes. And speaking of the Pacific Northwest…we are currently trying to expand our network to that area so if you’re getting married in that region, we don’t charge travel fees and we might even offer some discounts. Whaaaat? I know, I know. Good stuff.

Aaaaaaand, if you REALLY want to learn more about us you can follow us on instagram// @rachelcast & @ricocast