Is it just me or did last week go by really slowly? Weird right? Hmmmmm…here’s hoping that this next week will be the same because we’re off to Mexico in a couple days for a RAD wedding and margarita and beach and swimming pool and sun-tanning and SLEEPING IN good time. Oh yes, it’s coming, please oh please make it go slow. That being said, friends who email me this week, I will probably have internet access where we are BUT I still might be a bit delayed responding. JUST DELAYED though, so again, since my email is being lame sauce lately, if you haven’t heard from me at all check your spam folder…now! Go check it! Go! I’ll wait……ok, did you all enjoy your weekend? I had two boudoir sessions with some hot ladies (one shot at The Pearl, which I was quite pleased with), and my BFFFFFFFFF came to visit and we relaxed, ate good food and got tan/burned (gotta love San Diego weather). Carloooos, why live so far away eh? Not fair. Yet another reason I feel San Fran calling my name. Anyway, to the post Rachel!

Today we thought we’d share Trina and Franky’s wedding with you because, well, it’s kinda awesome. No, it’s REALLY awesome, dare I say mind blowing? I love it when couples put so much emphasis on the details of their wedding and making it their own, about them, telling a story of who they are. They did just that and pulled it all off swimingly…wedding success my friends! Their ceremony took place at balboa park and the reception at the Museum of Photographic Arts. I could go on and on about how great it was sooooo I will, from the chalkboard programs, to the hearts on the aisle telling their story, to the paper airplanes and the vintage record guest book , the guest seating cards with featured stars like Twiggy & Jimmy Hendrix, oh and chevron print…need I say more? Lords knows I love a good chevron print, that’s for sure. So pretty much this wedding was beautiful and unique and a major success. Trina and Franky, you are amazing people and so sweet and SO great to work with! We adore you and we adore your relationship together, it’s so obvious you were meant for each other and I’m so happy we were able to be a small part of capturing that. I think we should hang out again soon, because you’re awesome and maybe some of your radness and attention to detail can rub off on me (and I’m obsessed with your hair …I know, you tire of me saying that Trina, BUT it’s true)? Either way, thank you for being amazing! ¬†Enjoy the pics everyone and hasta luego!

oh and ps. yours truly actually made it in this blog post….did you notice?

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  1. I love every single picture. Especially 45 :)
    Such a cool wedding. Your photography soothes my soul. Love it.

    // Andie
  2. Can I just say ditto to everything Andie said? It’s true. : )

    // Marin
  3. What a beautiful and creative wedding! So well captured as usual! :)

    // Allison
  4. Love it guys! Balboa is cool when you do it.

    // cody
  5. gorgeous last frame!

  6. You guys captured a great wedding! Super! :)

    // Nelly
  7. Guys, I ADORE this wedding! Great shots, great attention to detail. Great picture Rach! :)

  8. I am so happy to have had the chance to visit! And Shoot. And burn in the sun. And eat yummy food. And see Nina. And I am so sad to have come home. I miss you already! xoxxo Carlos

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE (as always!). I second Andie, who knew photographs could sooth the soul, but you guys do it somehow. xo

    // Liz Crawford
  10. Wow I love the Balboa Park shoots, great set!

  11. Love the pics! I especially love the dessert table and the yellow accents!

    // Sarah