Oh hi. And how are your Mondays treating you today? Mine? Well I’m sitting here fighting a brutal cold and pushing hard to stay awake through the medicine induced blur. Soooo, that being said I’m going to keep this short. It’s ok though because this engagement session is so good you should be getting to the pictures now anyway. We met up with Jordan and Sophie at Griffith Park one morning and had an absolute blast. We laughed the whole time and really just felt like we were hanging out with great friends (which you are now Sophie and Jordan, good friends). Seriously, these two, love them and can’t wait for their wedding with Gather Events in the spring, it’s going to be a good one. yep, a good one indeed. Also, Sophie, that hair, perfection right? Sigh. Ok, to the pics!

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    1. You two have the best take on old spots, like Griffith. Classic but you found a way to make it super rad. Its refreshing!

      Sorry about your cold, but hope you feel better! Jeremy would say “lots of vitamin D and hand washing.”

    2. These are amazing! Sophie, you are absolutely radiant in these and couldn’t look happier! Cheers to the both of you :)

      // Leah