Oh yeah, it’s Monday. Thank goodness right? hmmmmmm…well at least it’s blog post time eh? Rico and I had a busy weekend (surprise!) with a sweet wedding on Saturday and an engagement session yesterday. AND with lots of AmigoBooth prep for a RAD event we’re shooting/running the booth at tonight in North Park. What is it you ask? Well, if you live in San Diego you MUST be familiar with our favorite food truck, MIHO Gastrotruck. It’s some amazing amazing quality food which we love, but it’s also run by some pretty special locals. We just adore them and appreciate their creativity in the local food industry and their participation in furthering the creative side of San Diego. Thanks MIHO peeps, you kick some serious ass! yep. Sooooo, tonight is the debut of their new wedding catering called The Vetted Table. It’s a pop up dinner at El Take It Easy in North Park and it’s going to be pretty epic, what with amazing food & drink and collaboration of a team of local SD creatives (Sitting in a Tree, DJ Austin Hendrix, Pow Wow Vintage, AmigoBooth, and us yo!)? Hello! So if you’re in the wedding industry, are an SD local, or just enjoy good food, you won’t want to miss it. Here are the details HERE.

NOOOOW for the blog today! We recently had the opportunity of doing a lifestyle/family shoot with Maurice, Amy, and Lou. These two are San Diego photographers as well (Betwixt Studio) and we are always HONORED when other photographers ask us to document their life…means a ton to us so of course we jumped at the chance! Amy just started PA school, so they wanted to document this time in their lives before the next chapter begins. So we went to their place in Point Loma, drank some coffee, hung out with their sweet pup Lou, and took some pics. We then headed over to South Park (best neighborhood ever eh?…we think so), where we walked around, hung out the car, and the usual antics. Maurice and Amy, thank you for letting us into your life for a few hours and for trusting us 100%. We adore you and your little family and we thank you for the reminder as to how valuable our profession is…thank you thank you thank you for that, after the hundreds and hundreds of hours we put into our career, you have no idea how much we need to hear that sometimes (well actually, you do have an idea, since you do the same!!). We wish you the very very very best in your new endeavors and cannot wait to hang out again soon! xoxoxo

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  1. this shoot is the coolest! cool pictures, cool couple, cool style! love!

    // andie
  2. super cute couple. love this set of images…

    // Paige
  3. Andie took the words right out of my mouth!

    // Marin
  4. SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Seriously fantastic!!!! :)

  5. this session is the Shredder.

  6. Style. These two have it.

    // mike
  7. South Park! That last shot of them in front of the IGA is what gave it away before I even read the description. :) Awesome shoot.

    // katie
  8. good times happening in these frames.

    // erin