Where has the summer gone? I’m pretty sure it will be Christmas if I close my eyes for too long. I am so shocked at how quickly time is passing! We’ve been pretty crazy these last couple of months. ┬áLots of traveling and lots of fun with fantastic couples! And I wouldn’t have it any other way. But it does mean that I’ve not had much chance for blogging. But that’s all about to change. I’m going to get right into today’s post. Today’s wedding is a serious goodie, friends. Seriously, this couple was awesome. Not only were they crazy good looking, they were also two of the sweetest people you could hope to spend a day with. Pamela’s kindness and sweet smile was infectious and I just felt so happy being around these two all day! Oh, not to mention her dress! GAH, that dress!! Fernando and Pamela got married in Valle Guadalupe. Their ceremony was in an old church in the middle of the quaint village and then after that we headed to their reception down the road at their incredible winery, Hacienda La Lomita. Guys, the wine country here is seriously amazing! If you get a chance, definitely check it out! I fell completely in love with the valley and can’t wait till we get to go back and visit Fernando and Pamela at their winery!! Thank you both so much for being such a serious joy to meet and work with!

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