Hello!  Anyone still with me? I hope so, cause I sure do want to share this sweet, intimate wedding day with you. This was a special one. Chantal and Jason are friends of ours and man are they great. Chantal is a fellow photographer and we got close years ago on a road trip to Santa Barbara to shoot a wedding together. We talked about love, work, life, and our shared love of Beyoncé. Among many other things. Chantal is sassy and kind and hard working and so talented. And she sure does adore her man. Jason is stoic, funny, also insanely talented and so kind. And man does he love my friend Chantal! These two are crazy in love and it’s so fun to witness! Their day was simple, intimate, filled with love. It was perfect!  And I was so honored that Chantal asked me to go visit them in Michigan to capture it all. I’m so happy for you guys and just adore you two! Here’s a small peek at what the day looked like.

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