Hello. Hello, is this thing on?! I know it has been a minute since I’ve posted even a peep on my blog… so please bear with me, I’m a little rusty. I suppose that in the age of instagram being the go to resource for information (or sort of anything), I’m not entirely sure who still reads blog posts. So because of all that, (and a pretty crazy busy personal life: We started the adoption process, then welcomed our sweet, beautiful, incredible daughter to our family this past year through adoption, shot a bunch of cool weddings, did some traveling…. ya know that sort of thing) I have really stopped putting much effort into my website and blog. But January is always a time to reflect on the year and one thing I really wanted to do is share more work in a more fully controlled environment. So, happy new year to you all. I’d love to kick it off by sharing a wedding that I photographed a while back up in one of my very favorite places in the world (Oregon) with some of the best people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I say this often, and I mean it every single time, but I do feel incredibly fortunate to have a job that places me in the lives of people so incredible and loving and funny and kind at such wonderful in their lives. Whether it’s their wedding, a pregnancy, a birth announcement, a family session sitting on their couch reading books and doing puzzles….It’s all beautiful, wonderful life that I am trusted to document. And I take great pride and am always honored and humbled when given that opportunity. So here are some of the sweetest, silliest, most beautiful souls that I just adore…and I’m pretty sure you will too. Enjoy.

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