Hi, hi! We’re still here! Just took some time away from blogging to shoot a bunch of amazing weddings and families and do a little traveling. Our wedding season last year was a serious whirlwind! We had the great opportunity to be a part of a lot of really incredible weddings that we are beyond excited to share with y’all (we just got back from Texas and took quite a liking to y’all)! Of course with every awesome wedding, there is an awesome couple. 2014 was a year that Brent and I really look back on with such fondness because we worked with some of the most amazing people. I say that with absolute sincerity! We felt like we just hit the jackpot in terms of working with the raddest of rad new friends!

I’m sharing an extra special wedding with you today that we hold so close to our hearts. I am actually tearing up just as I start writing the sentence about this wedding, and these ladies. FOR REAL! You know how sometimes, you meet people in your life that just make your world a better place? They make everyone around them happy, and excited about life. And they just make you want to smile, and hug more people? Well that’s Leylla and Khalisa! Brent and I met these two a couple of year ago, and instantly knew they were the kind of people we wanted in our lives. As you grow up and become an adult you get to be a little more selective about who you want to walk life with and start thinking about the kinds of friends you want around when you start a family and think about who would bring light into your world going forward. It’s something I think about a lot actually. We are lucky to have amazing families. But we have also been really fortunate in finding an incredible bunch of friends that challenge us to be better people, and that inspire us to live a happy, loving life (and that make us laugh a lot along the way!). So Brent and I were so lucky that we met these ladies and it all just clicked! We just felt so encouraged by their love and support for each other. Their wonderful sense of adventure. Their positivity. Their kindness. The way they make you feel so at home whenever you share a meal with them. We knew pretty quickly, that these ladies were the kinds of people we want our future kids to call auntie. That we want to plan camping trips with and go on family days to the park with. We just want their energy and their light in our lives always. I wish everyone could know these two! Ok, ok I know I’m ranting…I’ll  get to the wedding! When Leylla and Khalisa asked us to photograph their wedding, we were first just so honored and excited! Leylla is a seriously talented photographer herself and I was pumped she trusted us with the job! I knew that documenting their amazing love for one another was something I wanted very much to do, and I was  am so honored we were able to do that. My hope is that these photos will always serve as a memory to these wonderful friends of ours of what was one of the most amazing events we have ever been able to witness. It was a beautiful day in the desert surrounded by the most amazing friends and family that were all there to shower these two incredible ladies with love and support! Brent and I walked away from this wedding with a greater love for these two ladies, for each other and for the wonderful group of family and friends that these women have chosen to walk life with as well! Khalisa and Leylla, we love you both so much and can hardly wait to see what adventures await you.

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