Hi friends! It’s been quite a while…but I’m back. Do people still blog? I think so? Maybe? I hope so, cause I’m bloggin! A lot has happened since I’ve last checked in. It’s been a crazy year for us. But the weddings have sure been gooood! Since it’s been so long and I am so excited to share this beautiful intimate wedding with you, I’m gonna go ahead and just jump right into it. This wedding is one that I will truly remember for the rest of my life. There just isn’t enough I could say to express what a beautiful, loving couple this is and the kind of love that surrounded them on this beautiful day on the cliffside. This year has thrown us some curve balls, but through it all I am reminded that this job and the people it has brought into my life, even if just for a short while are without a doubt a gift! I have been so overwhelmed with the kindness and love of our couples this year. And these two were some of the best. I met them when they arrived at their intimate ceremony, and I will always remember their love and the love of all of their family friends that radiated around them. Sekahng and Jackie, I can’t tell you enough what an honor it as for me to document your day. Thank you.

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