Hi all!  Are you still with me? This poor blog of mine is so often neglected. There are so many amazing weddings and incredible couples that I want to share, and I promise I will…eventually. They just might go up a bit late. Like this amazing wedding from last year. How could I let a simple thing like time stop me from sharing all this goodness? Tyler and Kelly are magnetic. They are so kind and fun and warm. Their wedding was such a reflection of their incredible love and their free spirits. As always, we were just so beyond humbled to document this day. Not to mention, I always love any excuse to work with Ashley with Buzzworthy Events !! And lets talk about those florals from The Bloomery Co ! So good!! I’m pretty excited to finally be sharing this one with you, so I will get right to it! Enjoy!! And as always, thank you so much for sticking with me.

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