Cars, planes, subways, trains, taxis, and boats. Yep, that pretty much describes our last two weeks. The wedding season is upon us and Rico and I officially in travel mode. Last week we had the amazing opportunity to head down to Valle de Guadalupe for a little getaway to celebrate Rico’s 30th bday. wooooooooo, old man Rico! You guys, this trip, it was amazing. We had most of our closest friends/family there with us and it was several days pool relaxation and amazing wine (and chilaquiles…yum!). It was heaven and I can honestly say my heart hurts wishing it could rewind and go back to last week. (not to worry though, because you’ll be hearing more about this trip at a later date, exciting things happening and possibly a video in the works. whaaaaaaaat? indeed).

Even though I want to go back to last week, right now we are sitting on a train riding through New England en route to Boston after having spend several days in NYC, so I can HARDLY complain. On thursday we caught a red eye to NYC, shot an engagement session upon arrival, yes, on zero sleep but we love Conor and Julia so it was worth it (seriously, love you guys!). Then we wandered around the city, had the best vegan donuts of our life and pizza in Brooklyn, exploring with our new friend and fellow photog Sidney Morgan, and shot ANOTHER lovely engagement session for Hayley and Rory…and that brings us to now. We’re headed to Boston for a few days and then will catch a ferry to Nantucket on Wednesday for a wedding we are shooting there this weekend. SHEESH. How lucky are we? We get to see and shoot amazing people and visit amazing places, we can’t complain. So today’s post is dedicated to our travels, Mexico and NYC are the only places shown here because the trip isn’t complete, so you bet you’ll be seeing some Boston/Nantucket goodness soon enough. In the meantime, from Mexico to NYC it is!

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  1. DUUUUUUUDE….I can’t get over how epic every single one of these pictures are. Gosh, that location for your getaway…INSANE! And those city pics…..oh so good. AND THE DOUBLE EXPOSURE…I literally screamed out loud in delight! Dude, dude, dude….you both never cease to amaze me!

  2. Wow love this! Gorgeous series!

  3. I miss you guys

    // bryan