Well hello there my Monday lovers. How are we all doing on this fine day? Excited for the blog post? Indeed. So lets get right to it! Today we’re sharing the editorial shoot we did last weekend. It was a bit rainy so we decided to continue with our trend of shooting at our place, and I would say it was a success. Mikayla was amazing and such a sweetheart to work with AND totally willing to wear whatever I proposed (yes, she is wearing my clothes in this shoot…And yes, I’ll overlook the fact that she looks WAY BETTER in my clothes than I do). Mikayla, thanks for rocking it and putting up with our somewhat “strange” requests. You are a stunning person on the outside, and even more so on the inside and we wish you the best as you run after your dream! Enjoy! xoxox

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  1. stunning stunning ! i can’t breath !

    // sarah
  2. Oh my, oh my. IN LOVE with this shoot. She is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the rainy window frames. Win.

    // Marin
  3. gorgeous!

  4. oh holy amazing light. LOVE!

    // Carlos
  5. ridiculous. you guys are amazing!

    // corissa
  6. does she happen to be wearing any anthropologie? cause these totally need to be in the anthro catalogue. like, tomorrow. LOVE!

    // andie
  7. money.

    // jsa
  8. very beautiful! :-)

    // Alex
  9. Very very stunning and inspiring!

  10. The glass + rain images are my favorite! Good timing on that.

    // Casia