Seriously you guys? How HOT is it in San Diego right now? Ugh…dying (yes yes I know, we’re spoiled in SD and kinda wimps, but come on, HOT!). The heat combined with the fact that I’ve gotten about 5 hours on average of sleep a night for the last week is going to make this post a bit shorter. Sorry! Last week was quite the rollercoaster for us. We had an AMAZING event for The Vetted Table on Monday, then our cat almost died of heat stroke (we’re pretty attached so it was not good times), then we had to leave her behind with the most amazing friends ever (thanks for keeping her safe and healthy Matt and Ash!!!) while we headed up to a crazy amazing perfect wedding at a lake in Mendocino (you probably saw our pics on instagram but let me just say, wow. tents, canoes, lake, yes). Then last night our flight out of SFO was delayed HOURS (thank goodness for wine tasting bars in the airport, amen) getting us in to San Diego at 2am this morning. SHEESH. So pretty much our life is crazy, but that’s ok, we enjoy it, rollercoasters and all. So here I am, exhausted, but I drank one cup of coffee for every hour of missed sleep so I’m somewhat coherent…just enough to post the Monday blog anyway, yep, we love you.

AND we also love Nathan and Melissa. They were married a few months back in San Marcos and we had the pleasure of being there to tell their story. Not only do we adore this couple AND the wedding was sweeeeet, but it was extra special to us because the venue (Green Gables Estate) is where we shot our FIRST WEDDING EVER, four years ago. It was crazy being back there and revisiting the space after having shot over 150 weddings since then…it really caused us to reflect back on how far we have come and how much we’ve grown. So great and such a reminder of how grateful we need to be. Grateful for couples like these two rad peeps (and you all), who have amazing weddings and trust us to document them. And it’s true, their wedding was pretty epic. Melissa and Nathan (and friends!) did pretty much everything themselves, it was quite the labor of love and it was stunning (can I have the plastic cup lanterns for my house? thanks much!). Then after all was said and done we saw them off to their trip around the world…yep, they are still traveling now. Nathan and Melissa, we may be PRETTY jealous of you right now as you are probably currently galavanting around South America (go say hi to my chilean peeps for me!), but we sure do love you. The times we spent over wine, talking design, our neighborhood, to being able to witness you commit your lives to each other…perfection. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience and we look forward to many more to come when you get back. Until then, safe travels and enjoy!

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  1. amazing. effortless. love them all!

    // andie
  2. Solid.

    // mike
  3. These are awesome!!!! I love the one where he’s lifting her up on the dance floor…wonderful!!!! :)

  4. Where are these bridesmaid dresses from? Love them!

  5. Beautiful wedding! Any idea where the bridesmaid’s skirts were purchased?

    // Jamie
    Where are they from?!

    // Laurie
  7. Is there any way of finding out where these beidemaid skirts are from?

  8. The whole wedding is beautiful! Any word on where the bridesmaids skirts are from. I’m struggling to find a skirt that’s not chiffon in several color options. Thank you!

    // Laura
    • I believe they were from American Apparel. But this was a while ago. Hope that helps.

      // castillero