Oh hi Monday friends! Rico and I are in NYC right now so I’m going to keep this short, HOWEVER we couldn’t leave ya high and dry without a blog post on a Monday now could we? We’ve spent the last several days here THOROUGHLY enjoying ourselves, eating amazing food, meeting clients, shoot, and running around the city with a bestie Nick Bowser. Pretty much, we’re obsessed with this city and we can’t wait until our next trip in September. WOOOO…so, with that I’ll leave you with some pics from our trip. We’re off to go eat some more, and more, and more, AND MORE. Muah!

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    // andie
  2. uhhhhh PLEASE do personal/vacation posts like this more often!!! it’s so great to see how you guys visualize your surroundings… these are such stellar photos!

    // abbey
  3. love the way you captured the city! Good work you two!

  4. frick you guys. you make NYC look divine. your images, are water. i’ve been in the desert.


  5. hell yes.

    // bryan
  6. I would frame each and every one. Love!

    // marin
  7. You guys need to hit up New York more. Gorgeous.

    // mike
  8. Killing it.

    // Matt
  9. I’m going to have dreams about NY now! You have both done an epic job capturing such a sensory overloaded city! Dope like soap on a rope!