Today I woke up at 10am. I know. AND it was still difficult. I really hate waking up, but on the rare occasion that I do wake up earlier (say 8am) I always enjoy the quietness of the morning. My most recent goal, allow a little more quiet in my life, practice stillness. Today I failed, but that’s ok, I’ll start tomorrow. Gearing up for a pretty busy week ending with an epic wedding on Saturday, it’s going to be a good one, and this week a crazy week so sleeping in today was warranted…bring on the week! And with that I’m sharing a little lifestyle session today. Jamie is a talented photographer and a lovely friend of mine so when she asked us to do a little session with them before moving out of the house they’ve lived in for 10 years, we couldn’t pass it up. Jamie, Ben, and Henry…thank you for letting us in on a piece of your life, you’re refreshing, you’re inspiring and we can’t wait to experience this next chapter of life (in South Park..yeah!) alongside you.

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