Hi there! Oh man, have I been sick or what? Maybe some of you have noticed, maybe not, but I pretty much fell off the face of the planet this last week due to the worst cold of my life. Death plague. My apologies for my absence and also, my apologies for the random vague emails you may have gotten from me…needless to say I was a bit out of it when emailing under quarantine. Phew, but I’m alive and almost well and ready for another week. Today we’re having a catch up in the office day so we just have a little glimpse of the lovely engagement session we shot yesterday with our new friends Tae and Kary, the drove up from Mexicali just to spend a few hours with us and few hours of awesomeness they certainly were. We will of course be sharing more of their session at a later date, but just thought we’d give you a little taste because, well, we love them. So off I go to play inbox and editing catch up…love ya folks! muah!

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