Now how was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Ours was EPIC, I must say. We spent it with some lovely friends and had some pretty darn AMAZING food (and I didn’t have to cook, yay!). Rico and I took a few days off as well from working which was much needed so here we are with a decorated home and feeling like new people. I sure do love the holiday season, love love LOVE it. Speaking of things I love, today’s post is a little different than usual. It’s about trees, I love trees. Not only are they beautiful but they are hugely important part of the ecosystem and our livelihood so how could you not love them? The environment has always been my other passion besides art and it’s protection is something that Rico and I try really hard to incorporate into our daily lives. Because of this, the San Diego based non profit Plant With Purpose is near and dear to our hearts. Well, guess what? They just so happen to be having a photo contest this week, BOOM, two important pieces of us collide, photography and trees. That’s right, it’s a photo contest with a trees theme. Even better, the submitted pics will be on display at our favorite coffee shop, Coffee & Tea Collective THIS THURSDAY….there will be a little get together there from 7pm to 9pm where we’ll be voting on the pics and celebrating trees and everything they give us. So you know what I think? I think you should DEFINITELY send in a pic to be displayed on Thursday, DO IT DO IT DO IT, Rico and I are FOR SURE and we’d love for you to share your tree pics with us. Here is a link to Plant With Purpose’s blog post that gives the submission details: HERE. You have until Wednesday and all you have to do is email an image over. Easy right? Piece of cake. Then also, even if you don’t send in a submission, at least come on down to C&T Collective on Thursday evening to celebrate and say hi, AND of course get in the AmigoBooth (yep, you’d better believe it will be there!). And with that, I leave you to the trees. xoxo

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