Oh hey, it’s blog post time. Rico and I have vowed to make this a regular occurrence again starting now, so here we go! This Korakia Pensione wedding is magic I tell you, pure magic. Everything from the setting, the design, the dress (mmmmm BHLDN) and most of the all, the wonderful and easy going clients….was perfection. We loved hanging with Barbara and Akiva in Palm Springs and I think you will too…or, at least through pics that is. And if you haven’t stayed at the Korakia, I HIGHLY recommend it for you future Palm Springs getaways. It’s glorious. Ok enough of my chatter…time for pics! enjoy! P.S.┬áThis post is a great example of our new film package we are offering, its a mix of digital, 35mm, and polaroids.

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  1. freakin’ beautiful guys. love it! #keepupthegoodwork #missyou

  2. straight killin it as usual

  3. That first wedding with the beautiful colorful dress.. I love it! Where was that wedding and where did the bride get her dress?!! B