It’s no secret that Rico and I have a love affair with the Pacific Northwest. We take every chance we can get to shoot there and even offer discounted rates for shoots in Seattle, Portland, and surrounding areas. Being there, for us, is like breathing again. This wedding isn’t just special because of where it took place though (although that was pretty epic) but it really was about what it always is, good people, the best people. What makes or a breaks a wedding for us are the people. So when we met Barb and Andreas we knew immediately it was going to be a great wedding. We spent the day in Snoqaulamie pass, shooting in forests and on mountains, throwing frisbees and drinking wine out of plastic cups….it couldn’t have been more perfect. This my friends, this is it, so good. You’ll feel the same way after seeing these pics. So enjoy, oh and email us if you’re in the PNW and are getting married, we want to be there! xoxox

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  1. beautifully captured. thanks for sharing.

    // jessie
  2. Um hello, these are STUNNING!

    // Ashley
  3. Beautiful beautiful wedding photos!!