Ok well, how about a blog post yeah? Well shit, I sure do think it’s about time. And what better way to get back into blogging then with these two lovers. Oh Mary and JP, where do I start? These two mean the world to me, Mary a fellow photographer and good friend we’ve known for several years, JP a killer DJ and also good friend. I remember wishing you two would get together, now here you are. You’ve overcome a lot through your path to each other and it’s just…well…beautiful. You two are the real deal and I am just DYING to share your wedding images here, but for now, just a little peak into the Joshua Tree engagement session. I’d be lying if I said these images didn’t make my heart explode every time I look at them. mmmm hmmmmm

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    Oh hi. And how are your Mondays treating you today? Mine? Well I’m sitting here fighting a brutal cold and pushing hard to stay awake through the medicine induced blur. Soooo, that being said I’m going to keep this short. It’s ok though because this engagement session is so good you should be getting to the pictures now anyway. We met up with Jordan and Sophie at Griffith Park one morning and had an absolute blast. We laughed the whole time and really just felt like we were hanging out with great friends (which you are now Sophie and Jordan, good friends). Seriously, these two, love them and can’t wait for their wedding with Gather Events in the spring, it’s going to be a good one. yep, a good one indeed. Also, Sophie, that hair, perfection right? Sigh. Ok, to the pics!

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    Frieeeeeends! We’ve been missing lately eh? I know! It’s been a crazy end of the season for us with TONS of catch up and editing and traveling and shooting…intense stuff. But we’re back at the blog now, phew. Just in time for the new year too. Today we are sharing an engagement session we shot for Katie and Alexander in Malibu. We had a blast with these two, walking some trails, throwing some rocks, and running around on the sand. We would be lying if we said we weren’t counting the days to their wedding next year, and it’s with the ladies over at Bash,Please so it’s going to be extra good times. Until then! xoxo

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