Hi there and happy Monday! I do hope you had a successful weekend, we shot a lovely wedding on Saturday and relaxed yesterday so it was a definitely success for us. mmm hmmmmm. good times. So here we are ready for some epic sharing. Today we have the engagement session of Sarah and Pat. They were married on New Year’s Eve so even though these are engagement pics, these two are ALSO married now. YES. Amazing people, amazing shoot, amazing wedding (which you’ll be seeing at a later date of course). For this session they were also our models for a mentor session we were doing with a lovely photography team from Australia (Hi lovers!!), and we spent the time walking around our neighborhood and showing them how we do our thing. Yep, we do them, photographer mentor sessions. We LOVE teaching our ways and connecting with other photogs, so if you’re interested EMAIL ME. And with that I leave you with the fabulously adorable Sarah and Pat in all their engagement and mentor session models glory. MUAH!

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Well well well, if it isn’t 2013 already? Now that just snuck up on us didn’t it? Sorry you didn’t hear from us over the holidays…was a bit hectic and when we weren’t working/shooting/traveling, we were taking some MUCH NEEDED time off. phew, trust me, it was for the good of all. So to start the year off right we have a favorite engagement session of ours to share with you. We met Vanessa and Sebastian at their lovely home in Echo Park and spent some time walking in their neighborhood, playing with their adorable pup, and standing on the know, the usual. So take a look at these two adorable lovebirds and be excited for the new year, because it’s amazing couples like this who are getting hitched in 2013…yep, it’s going to be a good one my friends, a good one indeed. muah!

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Geez….Monday again. This week though Rico and I are back in town from all of our adventures and in an editing frenzy. We love editing, but after a long season of amazing weddings and traveling that editing sure does pile up. We’re working our way through it though and are excited to stay home for a while (as is our cat). We came home Thursday from Hawaii and left again on Friday for a weekend in Ojai where we shot the last official wedding of the “season.” So today is cause for celebration for an amazing wedding season, and celebrate we will. And we’ll start it off right with the lovely engagement/lifestyle session we’re sharing today.

Jana and Joey are couple of a cool cats, that’s for sure. We met them at their home in Pasadena and to say we didn’t instantly hit it off and identify with their style would be a complete lie. We LOVED everything about this shoot, them, their style, their adorable pups. Basically these two were a perfect match for us and I’m kinda wishing we could do a round two shoot with them and their little fam. Joey and Jana? How does that sound? WELL we at least need to be meeting up for some drinks, that’s for sure. You two were like hitting the photography client lottery…thank you for letting us into your home to document a piece of your life. We adore you and can’t wait to connect again soon!

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