Oh man, I’m tired today. I’ll just be honest right off the bat. Been a crazy busy season, and as fun as it is and as much as we love our job, sometimes I just want to sleep for like a week straight. We can’t complain though, we love what we do and it’s a total blessing to be exhausted doing something you love. Amen right? indeed. So today I’m making this short because there is a very impatient inbox pounding at my door (email responses coming soon, I promise!)…the pictures are WAY more exciting than what I have to say anyway, and this one is a good one too…amazing one actually, mmmmm hmmmmm.

Katie and Mike are crazy adorable. So that, combined with NYC (one of our favorite cities) and a couple of beers, made for engagement session success and a pretty damn good time. We wandered around their neighborhood, laughed, ran across busy streets, laughed, oh and laughed some more…the only bad thing is now I’m sitting here wishing I was living in NYC hanging out with these two every day. Oh, to dream. Katie and Mike, what can I say? We absolutely adore you, and we are SO SO SO excited for Nantucket next June…it’s going to be crazy epic. Until then! xoxo

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Just sitting here, drinking coconut water and coffee,attempting to wake up. Oh yeah, and it’s already noon? Crap. We were out of town this weekend for a wedding in Sonoma and even though I was caught up on emails, by today I’m back in the pit. Soooo, that being said, if you are waiting for an email response from me it’s coming soon, I promise! This week we have some pretty exciting things happening, with our commercial shoot on Thursday and our trip to Portland on Saturday (any Portlanders want to hang out while we’re in town next week????), we are crazy busy but crazy excited. yep.

And since we’re talking about exciting things, I’m am QUITE excited to share the engagement session of Matt and Jinny today (like that transition? mmm hmm). They are getting married at the Parker Palm Springs in October and we cannot WAIT, but before the wedding we had the engagement session…and it was pretty freaking rad. We spent some time on Abbot Kinney then headed over to Venice Beach and achieved engagement session success. indeed. Jinny. Matt. I CANNOT WAIT FOR PALM SPRINGS and pretty much I’m hoping that the more I hang out with you that even a hint of your style and coolness rubs off on me (even if you don’t share my love for Gwenyth…ssshhhh). Until our Palm Springs party though, enjoy the pics!

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Oh geez. I’m tired today. For good reason of course: we shot two weddings this weekend. Now granted, they were two rad weddings so I can’t complain. The weekend began with a lovely Estancia shindig with Michelle and Greg, and ended with a Smog Shoppe wedding complete with vegan jello shots, mules, and vegan pizza with Abby and Graham (oh yeah, and dinosaurs, lots of dinosaurs…mmmm hmmmmm, just you wait). So after about 4 hours of sleep last night I find myself just a BIT out of it and still so pleased to be doing what I’m doing and experiencing life alongside our clients. We love you all, we really do. TONS. TONS and TONS and TONS, ok ok I know, show you the pictures already! About that, meet Robbie and Kim. These two flew all the way out from Austin, Texas for their engagement session San Diego style last month. So we pretty much just wandered around our neighborhood, shot in someone’s yard, threw some rocks, and stopped off for a bottle of Woodford Reserve (who knew our local liquor store would be so photogenic). THEN afterwards they stuck around for vegan family dinner night at our place which now means they are part of the family. Robbie and Kim, you two, what can I say except I hate that Austin is so far away now and we’re counting the days until we venture to ya’lls city for some wedding amazingness in October! until then! Oh yeah, and move here. k? k. xoxo

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