babes! This one’s for you today. I know, I should be waiting until Monday to post this but I just CAN’T WAIT so I’m breaking my rules. yep, sure am. It’s no secret that I love my girlfriends, they are my sisters, and some of my greatest joys in the life. And it breaks my heart how much we all struggle with insecurity and the desire to be beautiful, successful, smart, the perfect mothers, perfect wives, perfect everything. And since the women in my life have become some of my biggest sources of inspiration, I decided that it’s about damn time they are celebrated. So I’m teaming up with some of my fave gals, Tori from Sitting in a Tree, Rachael from Siren Floral Co, and Erica from 10.11 Makeup. We are teaming up to celebrate you ladies, to celebrate how stunningly beautiful you ALL are. We are offering mini sessions that we are calling Fox Sessions, because, well, you’re a fox and you’re wild (in the best way), yep you all are and we want to capture that part of you. For yourselves, for your partners, for your children…and for the experience. These sessions can be boudoir, they can be maternity, they can anything you want as long as they are a celebration of you and your wildness, your beauty, your strength.

    The cost of the sessions are $325 which covers a 30 minute shoot by me (Rachel), minimum of 15 images delivered digitally with printing rights, a floral crown from Rachael to wear at the shoot, and clothing styling by Tori (yep, she’s letting you raid her closet/sequin den). Then we are giving you the optional add-on of hair and makeup by Erica (email me for pricing), I mean, who doesn’t like having their hair and makeup done? We will be offering several dates and we will be taking these on the road for a little boudoir road show, so I’ve listed out cities and dates below. These are already filling up so email me for more info or sign up for a spot in your city!

    San Diego: Jan 26th (potential to open another date with enough interest)
    San Francisco: Feb 6th
    Portland: Feb 9th
    Los Angeles: Feb 12th

    Don’t see your city here? Get enough of your friends together and interested to do the sessions and we’ll add your city. Just email me for more info! This is great gift for grooms, or even for bachelorette parties, drink champagne, get hair and makeup done, play dress up, take some pics. We recently all did this together because we wanted to experience what our clients are and we had an absolute blast. Seriously, the best time spent with your girlfriends.

    Uh oh, I wrote a novel, so I’ll wrap this up and leave you to check out the pictures of us all (scary! but awesome). One of my faves, eco feminist extraordinaire, Terry Tempest Williams says “To be whole. To be complete. Wildness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from.” Ladies, we are connected to each other, to our partners, our husbands, our sisters, our earth, our moon. Ladies, we are beauty and we are power, lets celebrate that shall we? Yes. yes yes yes. EMAIL ME! do it!

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    1. obsessed. can’t wait for SF! love you <3

    2. Absolutely gorgeous!!

      // Andie
    3. Beautiful!

    4. OMG HAWT!!!!!

      // Katie
    5. Amazing and inspirational as always! Come to new york!

      // Martina
    6. Rach, the last image of you is a keepsake. These sessions look so fun!

      // kelsey
    7. Yes come to New York! This is amazing and you are all gorgeous! What a great way to help empower women!

      // Allison
    8. Will you be opening more San Diego sessions? I bummed I missed it the first time around.

      // Miriam
    9. Will you be doing another SF session at some point this year?

      // Jaclyn
    10. Woow these photos are so amazing!! :D