Hi there lovers. Are you ready for the Monday post this week? I mean, come on now, aren’t we all? And today is a good one. But before I get to that, I have to fill you in on our rad weekend. It was a crazy busy few days for us, but it’s safe to say we enjoyed ourselves with a mentor session on Friday (Leylla you rock!), our first wedding of 2012 at the New Children’s Museum on Saturday, and then an engagement session in a lighthouse yesterday. AND we discovered Whole Foods sells vegan Caesar AND Ranch dressings (yeeeeeeeees). So there you have it, amazing weekend success and now for that blog post.

So you may have already seen this couple on Green Wedding Shoes two weeks ago because they had a nice little feature there. BUT this wedding was quite the crowd pleaser, not to mention one of my faves, so we just had to share it. Nata and Jess were married at the San Diego Botanical Gardens, followed by a reception (partaaay) at the Museum of the Living Artist. I know I say this a lot, but we seriously have the BEST CLIENTS EVER. And even calling them clients seems LAME because they are now our great friends! Nata and Jess came to us recognizing the importance of photography (spent a third of their budget on us), and trusting us to just be who we are in our work and to tell their story. And boom, it was a match made in heaven. Because they spent so much of their budget on photography, they had to get creative with the rest of their wedding and it’s pretty safe to say they pulled that off. Just take a look at all the AMAZING details they did themselves. So I could go on and on, but then you’ll just get sick of me so I’ll be going now. However, before I go, Nata and Jess…thank you thank you THANK YOU for finding us, taking a risk on us, and becoming our friends. You are amazing artists and people, and our life is seriously better with you in it. Hamiltons soon my friends, a must. MUAH!

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  1. seriously can’t get enough of this wedding. great job, as always!

    // andie
  2. slow clap…

    // randy
  3. Too cool. : )

    // Marin
  4. Awesome. I spy a sexy photog gettin her groove on.

  5. Ohhhhh! The flowers!!! Awesome!

    // Cinzia
  6. So RAD!! Amazing design captured by some super talented folks! You guys rocked this wedding!