Oh boy, here we are at Monday again and I definitely found myself wanting to take a sick day when my alarm went off this morning. Although we had a pretty killer weekend (in the good sense), waking up Monday morning has never been an easy task for me. What did we do this weekend, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. We went up to San Luis Obispo for a rainy engagement session with Luca and Carly (such troopers!) and then just hung out the rest of the weekend with my bff and her fam. Even though it rained, it was heavenly and just what we needed. Oh and I must say I am feeling very accomplished that we made it home because driving through LA in a storm like yesterday’s was quite the challenge….luckily we stopped at Flore in LA for a quick bite that blew my mind. Seriously amazing vegan awesomess…I got the Tu-No Melt with the beet salad and just about passed out right there. If you live in LA go there, NOW.

Ok, enough about our weekend (although I know you SO enjoy hearing about what I had for lunch)…today we have a rad boudoir shoot to share with you. Boudoir? Yes, remember a while back I mentioned that we also do boudoir? Well, we do and we love it. I shoot most of the shoots alone or with a female assistant, but sometimes we have a client that is cool with Rico coming along and shooting some of the less revealing parts of the shoot (he provides an amazing non female perspective). That is exactly what happened in the fashion-inspired boudoir shoot I have for you today, oh and NOT ONLY was Rico shooting, so was our amazing intern Delaney (she is a talented make-up artist as well and did Kristy’s make-up, so fyi if you’re looking for some of the best make-up EVER for your wedding). So Kristy had to deal with THREE of us, and let me tell you, she was amazing….we even did this in a public park! Goooooo Kristy! So I’ll stop my yapping and let the pictures speak for themselves. If anyone is interested in a boudoir session, you should just head over to your email right now because I’m offering a $50 discount if you book a session by the end of the week and have Delaney do your make-up. WHAT?? I know, email me…go on.

Also, again I must mention that it appears some people are not receiving my emails. So if you haven’t heard from me and were expecting to, then definitely email me and let me know because it’s quite possible my email either went to your spam or didn’t arrive at all! Sheesh, come on technology! love you all and enjoy!

And in case you were wondering where her rad clothes are from:

Sweater is from LF
Jumper is from Urban Outfitters

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  1. Love this shoot. yet again, awesome work.

    // Mae
  2. these are seriously gorgeous! esp love the wide shots with the sun coming thru the trees!

    // Andie
  3. I love StudioRaw’s take on boudoir :) Classy and timeless :)

    // Marin
  4. sooo pretty and tasteful!! what a talent God’s given you both!!! love love love you

    // Chris
  5. amazing!! man studio castillero + kitten (the intern) = DIVINE!

    // jenna
  6. one more thing. anthropologie catalogue much??

    // Andie
  7. so so gorgeous! you guys are so talented and i am very lucky to have the chance to learn from you! :)

    // Delaney
  8. Anthroplogie would be lucky to have talent like this….Beautiful job everyone.

    // Kristeen
  9. I really like the one of her walking away. Great light. Great beauty. Great capture.

  10. Legit. Love your stuffs :)

    // Chad Z.
  11. LOVE this – and you guys.