And how are we all doing today? Hopefully by now you’ve all had your coffee and are ready for the week to start. I’m there. I love coffee…mmmmmmmmmm. Rico and I had another packed weekend with two weddings perfectly finished off with a dinner at Spread with two lovelies (xoxo Josh and Ariel). And here we are, EDITING our brains out, and prepping for the engagement shoots and weddings coming up this week. Life is good eh? I think so.
Today we’re going to share with you a boudoir shoot Rico and I did last week (in our dining room) with our FABULOUS hairstylist and friend Mish. Not only is Mish a genius at keeping my hair tame but she’s also an extremely talented wedding hair stylist. Seriously, she’s a true artist and I fully recommend her if you’re in need of the BEST HAIR EVER for your wedding. We were ecstatic when we had the opportunity to do this this shoot with Mish, and I really love this because it is a perfect example of how boudoir can be anything you want it to be and still be just as beautiful. Who says you have to sit around in your chonies and take off your clothes? Not us! We can make your boudoir shoot anything you like, one requirement is that it’s YOU and that you feel comfortable. Got it? good. Sooooooooo, Mish obviously rocked this shoot and I could not wait to share it with you, so here you go!
And OF COURSE a shout out is in need for Rita Nguyen, the talented makeup artist who did Mish’s makeup. AMAZING!

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