Is it just me or does today not feel like Monday? Maybe it’s because we had just had our first weekend without a wedding in 6 months, so my body is like whaaaaaaat? We did however do a full day of Fall Mini Sessions yesterday with Sitting in a Tree, which you’ll be hearing about shortly, but lets just say, amazingly rad chaotic fun day. This was our first year doing them, and we might have to make the an annual thing. Sound good? Since we took a break from weddings this weekend, we thought we’d also post something different on the blog today. We did a little editorial shoot just for fun with one of our favorite models, Rachael, last week and wanted to share what we came up with. Rach, seriously? my heart. Thank you for always being our model and for killing it yet again. Also, framing that pic of Zoes for Louie. Muah!

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  1. AAAAHH!!! These are so insanely cool and awesome and insane!! Good work friends!

  2. Just wow

    // Andie
  3. OMG! Our dogs are twins!! I seriously think they may be siblings! My dog has the one ear that doesn’t sit up like the other too!


  4. These are sooo good. Amazed. Why are you guys so goooood :)

    // Tonhya Kae
  5. killed it.

  6. nice work!

    // Kaylie
  7. Holy s£€#| this is an amazing shoot !!

  8. Very cool!

    // Sarah
  9. Very nice work ! What kind of dog is that ?

    // Alice